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I did a lot of graphic test ( for a comic project ) since June and posted none of them. Here above is one of the rare attempt where I had a colored and finished result , simulating a random frame with random character design and scene. I'll continue test : I have so much things to learn.

Lineart : Mypaint (dev) Coloring : Krita (dev)

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David Revoy, www.davidrevoy.com, .
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link Smolli   - Reply

Oh, this is so sweet. Please feel encouraged to continue with your comic :)
(and don't forget to post some more 'experiments' ;)

link nezumi   - Reply

That was my face (just not so cute) when I saw, that new build of Krita for windows64 is lot bigger then Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects all together. Plus that is just as fast as that animal she is holding...
I hope in a future I will do same face looking at how small and fast is Krita.

link Raphael Barros   - Reply

It's still experimental. If you want it to improve, report the bugs and give suggestions.

link franck_b   - Reply

Bonjour David, très belle illustration ! avec un air de dessin animé à la japonaise. Très beau choix des couleurs/teintes. Comme d'habitude du grand travail.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@Smolli : Thank you! that really sweet from you :)Ok, I'll try to feel more confident to post tests.

@nezumi : I never tested the Windows version of Krita, but it sound like I was imagining this would be less attractive than the Linux version. For sure on Win, all the KDE libs have to launch at start-up ; full-fill the Ram layering on top of the Win system . For the size on disk , I'm not surprised too ; I guess installing a virtual machine under Windows with Kubuntu 12.04 and Krita could take less disk space...
Thanks a lot for the feedback ; it's precious for me to know the states of Krita on Windows, but unfortunately here I erased all Win system on all computers at home, so I can't test. What I can say is Linux version , via package on a KDE system is 20MB only :-)
I guess the hope for Windows user is in the future "Krita sketch".

@Raphael Barros : You don't know each other, but Nezumi wasn't bashing Krita at all. I care his user point of view ; and his sentence about was implying obviously good suggestion too ( make it leightweight , make it fast ). But I know every FLOSS lovers try to protect their baby tools :) so I understand you too.

@franck_b : Merci Franck, j'aimerai idéalement garder la touche manga un peu c'est sure. J'aimerai me faufiler dans une nouvelle vague d'auteur qui se reclame du 'manfra' ; une version manga francisé. Donc, merci, ça me rassure que mes influences Disney/Manga/BD-FrancoBelge se mélange, mais qu'on sente encore l'origine Nippone :)

link nezumi   - Reply

Raphael Barros - I am using Krita heavily since I discovered it, I am posting quite heavily on Krita forum and yes I am reporting bugs plus trying to get others to do it. Krita has a potential to be not only best free painting software but simply "the BEST" ;)

David REVOY - 20 megs??? You gotta be kidding me :O Thats what I am talking about... Now latest 32 bit version on Windows is around 600MB heavy. Its better then 3GB so I am using this one for the moment. I like Krita Sketch project but I want fully functional Krita on Windows, not some striped down, sketchy thing ;) Hopefully Krita Sketch project will help full Krita on Windows.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@nezumi : :D http://img594.imageshack.us/img594/9893/20120816screenshot003.jpg ; I have prooves ;)

Yes, I also get hope about things done for Krita sketch to be transfered to make full Win Krita a better tool.

link nezumi   - Reply

I do believe you :D I am slowly making a space on one partition to be able install linux there. It may be easy task for you but I am handicapped when it comes to linux, command line, scripts and so on. I will be trying though - I really like Krita and Mypaint - enough to try fight with linux again. So fat linux won each battle we had :D

link kot-barbos   - Reply

nezumi, installiation space usage depends of OS and installed libs. Krita depends mostly KDE & QT libs. In David's case all lib's are in system. Even if don't use KDE, Krita will use about 350 Mb (debian, xfce: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/6/123dpy.png/) In Windows programms use own lib's separatly, so even if some prog already install QT libs, Krita needed to install it again (Windows so Windows :))

link nezumi   - Reply

kot-barbos - I do realize that issue with libraries. Still we are talking about 350MB while in windows it is 600MB or even humongous... 3GB!. And I wouldn't have an issue with size of it at all - but it isnt smooth (at this point, they are working hard on it but for what I see there is 1 person that is making windows builds and he says openly that he isnt very experienced in it). I will be supporting Krita on windows for sure but I wish to have backup plan and working Krita that I REALLY like for painting. If Krita had that unlimited canvas as MyPaint it would be close to ideal (after wiping out bugs :D).
MyPaint is separate issue - devs of MyPaint really dont care about windows at all and again - I think software is brilliant. Since my primary objective is to make art I guess I should fight with that damn linux again :D

link Raphael Barros   - Reply

nezumi - I'm sorry, didn't mean to offend, I think I just got a little defensive because everyone I know personally likes to offend FLOSS without really knowing it or doing some research.

link nezumi   - Reply

Raphael Barros - no worries, I know what you are talking about and it is very common that people don't even try but make negative comments. I am not a person that will praise something JUST because it is open source. But there is hell of a lot very good software that can be just as good as commercial or even better. What I love about OS that I can be part of development (even if I am not programmer), I can send my comments, discuss features and so on.

link raman   - Reply

That is a pretty good effort by the artist. This picture displays his talents in this work and I congratulate him for such an effort put forward by him. Cheers mate. Keep posting in future also.

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