Goodbye Craig Maloney.

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I'm devastated.

I learned a few hours ago that Craig Maloney (aka cmaloney) passed away this morning.

Craig had joined the Pepper&Carrot project in its early days, almost ten years ago. We immediately clicked: his passion for metal, for retro video games, for creation, for Free/Libre and Open Source projects and communities and much more.

He was involved in testing, reviewing and proofreading the beta versions of each episode under construction with pertinence and precision.

On several occasions, he even saved some rather dull story I wrote, becoming the script doctor for episodes.

He knew the series' universe and internal logic so well that he became the official maintainer and writer of the Pepper&Carrot Wiki and had a Pepper&Carrot role-playing game project.

He also helped with translation, proofreading my "Franglais", and had even managed last year's April 1st blog-post.

I had absolute trust in Craig. He was one of the few project moderators to have all the project keys and privileges. His moral compass was invaluable on this project, and helped us through our moments of community storminess. He was the architect behind our Code of Conduct, which he authored in a participatory way by gathering and synthesizing the opinions of contributors. He was one of the two gatekeepers who could kick me out of the project if I crossed the line.

With these words, I hope to make you realize the massive impact Craig had on Pepper&Carrot, visible on every floor of the series's credits.

He will leave a huge void behind him.

And not only here, but for the many projects he was involved with. He made the Internet a better place.

My thoughts and condolences also go out to his wife and family.

Those who want to talk about it are welcome on our instant chat channels or in the comments. And I hope he'll excuse me for violating our Code of Conduct by this end, but...

Fuck cancer

I'll miss you, Craig.

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