Crazy psychotic squirrel mandala

"Crazy psychotic squirrel mandala" a fun moment but totaly uninspired artwork, with the only purpose to test in depht the multibrush with 5 axis of Krita 2.4beta on yesterday triage bug day. - CC-By-Sa

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David Revoy,, .
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link Godzillu   - Reply

Le résultat est impressionnant.

Plus qu'à attendre sa sortie sous windows :p

link Sean   - Reply

Would make for a nice tattoo.

link Anna Lina De Sario   - Reply

:D These squirells are so funny:D An amazing artwork;D

link Ramon   - Reply

What about Resolution? the picture is nice, crazy but cool.Do you have notice something relevant about speed performance in high res sizes?

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@All Thanks for the feedback :)

@Ramon : Performance on Krita here are between 2x and 5x the one of Gimp-painter for only the brush engine , and big brush are ok on big picture. I can paint for exemple 8K pictures now with it. The biggest finished picture I did with it was a picture for a commission about 10000 pixel large in CMYK. Working with layers not affect that much performance at all in Krita. Original size of this tiny multibrush test : 3000x2120.

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