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Askaryl's Grimoire

19 december 2012

"Hamnasya -  Askaryl's Grimoire"  is a role playing gamebook for Iphones and Ipads in English and French.

I was happy to be a part of this production. It was a kid's dream for me to work on a gamebook as I read a lot of them.
The visual theme of the quest is clearly around a classic dark fantasy, with creatures , fighting , magical powers, items and  big landscapes.

35 speed-paintings in 4:3 were necessary to illustrate Askaryl's Grimoire project :

More than 100 portraits were necessary to represent creature and actors threw the journey :

Storyboard sample of the video teasing intro , not in a timeline order.

All illustrations were done using Krita development 2.4 beta with a bit of post prod in Gimp. Thanks for the many debug done by the Krita team. 

Here is a work in progress of an illustration  :

Here is the cinematic trailer done to tease the app , produced by Delapost Paris :

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1. Stephen

sunday 23 december 2012, 05:09

Simply stunning work as usual David. :)

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2. Itzcuauhtli

saturday 29 december 2012, 19:40

Wow, your proyect looks very interest, epic and with very much action, jejejeje. The landscapes are very beautiful and the making of is interest.

In your pictures, I can't avoid notice the screenshoot of mobile devices and, although it has to do something with the other, I can't too avoid yourself this question: In the future, Mypaint is available for mobile devices (like tablets and cellulars phones with Android, Ipad or Iphone)

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3. N30N

thursday 10 january 2013, 21:35


Mypaint can already be used on Linux tablets. An Android port's possible but not ipan/iphone as Apples restrictions conflict with the GPL.

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