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I'm speechless 🤯 The print at the exhibition feels so big in real. I'm super happy sitting in the corner of my illustration. Tomorrow, signing session!

License: "At the exhibition" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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link nek0   - Reply


link Arne Babenhauserheide   - Reply

wow — awesome!

… so, are you already in awe of the level of detail of … … your own creation? ☺

link H₂O 💦   - Reply

@ArneBab Yes, same question. Did they use an SVG? Is it still nice/good when looking very close?
In all cases, this looks really awesome and gorgeous 🤩🥰

link Elizabeth   - Reply

Dude, that's wild!

link Sylvia Ritter   - Reply

Very cute :). So cool! Congrats! 🙂

link OrbitalMartian   - Reply

Congrats, David! That print looks amazing :)

link Zekounet   - Reply

Nice ! :D

link 420   - Reply

Congrats 🎉

link Grum999 :verified:   - Reply


Enjoy the exhibition of your artworks

(I hope the weather is good -better than tuesday at least- and the transportation to go here was not too difficult and people will be able to come! :blobcatflower: )

link Puniko :verifiedsabakan: :antifa:   - Reply ​:blobcateyes:​ holy hecc thats huge

link Mostafa Hussein Omar   - Reply

well done 😊

link Henrý Ólson   - Reply

congrats! you deserved it (:

link Ivan Sagalaev :flag_wbw:   - Reply

I wonder if the size of it is making all the little mistakes that only you would notice to really stand out :-)

link Jonne Kokkonen   - Reply

that's awesome - congratulations!

link Sindarina, Edge Case Detective   - Reply

Awesome 🙂

link Ray Of Sunlight   - Reply

this is a glory not everyone can have, you're lucky.

link Olivier Saraja ☕️📚🦖🛸👻   - Reply

Yeah, excellent l'ami! Une telle mise en lumière est plus que méritée!

link Craig Maloney ☕ Contributor - Pepper&Carrot admin, - Reply

That is so amazing to see! Congratulations!

link :blahaj: Why Not Zoidberg? 🦑   - Reply

An honest "Wow".

link Neotheta   - Reply

wow! Big prints best prints!

link Prayag   - Reply

David Revoy face reveal??? 👀👀👀

link maxmoon 🌱   - Reply

@prayag_suthar If you would visit his website or youtube channel, you would know how he looked like. It's not a secret... 😀

link Prayag   - Reply

@utopify_org I figured as much 😅

It's just that this is the first time I've seen a photo of him on Mastodon, though I may have also missed a few past ones since I'm new. Figured I'd say it anyway 🤷🏽‍♂️

link Dave Spector   - Reply

beautiful work — congratulations!

link maxmoon 🌱   - Reply

David, you're an inspiration to me!

And after seeing the picture I had some tears in my eyes, but those were tears of joy. ❤️

Please keep up the good work.

link ⓝⓞ🅞🅝🅔   - Reply

this is so great!

link GMate8   - Reply

you absolutely deserve it 💗

link SammyGalen   - Reply


link MHunt   - Reply

Congratulations ! :)

link Amadeus Maximilian   - Reply

you deserve it! 😊

link Yrdael   - Reply

impressionnant !
Ça doit te procurer une sensation étrange...

link Grupo de Linux de La Laguna   - Reply

¡Yeah 😀!

link Dennis Faucher :donor: :mastodon:   - Reply


link Eva   - Reply


link 'Stupid' Jim - webcomic   - Reply

This must be a little dream come true. :)

link GuB 🕶️🎸🔌🎚️🔊💥   - Reply

Ne laisse pas les gens piétiner ton travail ! Y'en a deux qui arrivent derrière toi, attention ! 😱

Sincères félicitations 🙂

link Stemy   - Reply

Un artiste qui paraît si petit par rapport à son oeuvre, faut-il y voir une métaphore ?

link Starbeamrainbowlabs   - Reply

Hey, congrats! <3

link carrotcypher   - Reply

excellent! Everyone better walk around 🤬😆

link Nartagnan ⏚   - Reply

C'est trop bien 😻

J'y suis pas, c'est pas mes dessins, mais je souris quand même et ça me fait super plaisir de voir cette photo.

link Fea, the wandering Crow   - Reply

that is just awesome, congratulations 👏

link Le Lapinours 🐰🐻   - Reply

Oh, tu es en dédicace au Leclerc Culturel de Plérin ? J'allais profiter de passer sur St Brieuc pour voir l'exposition 👀.

Ça risque de finir avec des achats imprévus cette histoire.

link Visionaire   - Reply

wow! 😲
belle! 😍

link Pixel_Lime   - Reply

Nice carpet!

link der.hans   - Reply

looks fantastic, so cool

have you added super extra deluxe shopping mall floor sized poster to your shop? :)

Now looking forward to Pepper & Carrot in IMAX!

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