Large exhibition in Plérin, France.

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Last June, during the Saint-Brieuc signing session, the director of "Bulles à Croquer" festival proposed a big and amazing project: a Pepper&Carrot exhibition on the scale of a supermarket for the fall 2023. Of course I accepted!

So over the last monthes, the Bulles à Croquer comic festival and E. Leclerc Plérin teamed up to create a very large exhibition. I could hardly believe it at first 😅 and I quickly felt a bit overwhelmed by the size of the exhibition. Not by the amount of work: Bulles à Croquer almost handled everything on their own, but it felt a bit surreal to get many of my artworks printed in big dedicated exhibition. 😇

The exhibition starts today and there are a large number of giant prints of Pepper&Carrot (illustrations and comic pages) that were made to decorate the hall of the supermarket (dozens of illustrations and comic pages). The exhibition aims to immerse visitors in the world of Pepper & Carrot and my illustrations.

I only have two photo samples right now done during the preparation, but I'll try to take more when I visit on start November. It's about 700km from my home, so I haven't visited it yet.

Update : I have received new photos from the ongoing exhibition! It's a total of 70 huge prints that have been displayed in the supermarket. 🤩 I made a montage to share them with you:

The cover of the third comic book, a large print on the floor.

The hall (click to enlarge).

Montage of the artworks on pillar (click to enlarge).

Various places (click to enlarge).

Comic pages, and the info at entrance. (click to enlarge).

About my participation to the exhibition, many illustrations required quality upgrades to the source files and some remakes. For example, check out the new A2 size high quality of "Powerfull", a 7000px large upscale done without AI for the upscaling; but with GMIC upscaling filters and manual overpainting. This will be printed and sold at the event, a high quality numbered print.

All my updates were merged in the gallery with their sources, so it will benefit future projects as well.


  • From today until 11 November 2023: The exhibition.
  • Saturday 28 October: a potion magic contest for kids (8 to 12y/o), by chief Jean-Jacques Monfort, restaurant Brut.
  • Friday 3 November: I'll be around for a drawing workshop and digital painting demonstration.
  • Saturday 4 November: I'll be also there for a book signing session.

The event is free and organised by Bulles à croquer, but a registration is necessary for the activities, please register at

E. Leclerc
Zac du Plateau, 2, rue du Grand Quartier
22190 Plérin


(PS: poster and big map under to locate roughly Plérin in France).