My solution for Mobile digital-painting on GNU/Linux

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I just posted a new video with my solutions for mobile digital painting on GNU/Linux! It's not sponsored, about a refurbished 5 y/o hardware, and relatively low budget. 🙂

It's the Lenovo Yoga 370 (2017) and Wacom Bamboo ink plus stylus running on Fedora 38 KDE, talking about the obstacles, issues I met on my quest to find a device to paint on GNU/Linux, with only Free/Libre and Open-Source software.


link Muffiey  

David, what is your preferred configuration of Krita?

link John Blommers  

David, I look forward to your formal writeup on how you turned the Yoga 370 into a usable artist machine.

link David Revoy Author,

Hey, thanks and sorry for the delay. I'll try my best on the next days!

link John Blommers  

Thank you, David.
Believe it or not, I too am a Linux user and have been looking out for an affordable Linux touch screen device. The reMarkable looked pretty good but it has a subscription service for sync to their cloud and I just won't have it.
Then I read your post and made an order for a Yoga 370. These older machines are refurbished but are quite reasonably priced. It should arrive next week.
Question: I notice that you wear an artist's glove when making digital paintings. Is that to avoid palm rejection problems?

link David Revoy Author,

Oh the glove doesn't help with palm rejection; it's just because the season here is already hot and my palm sweat quickly. It doesn't glide well on a glass-like display. :)

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