Episode 38: release next week

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Here is a WIP webcomic panel of the future episode 38 of Pepper&Carrot "The Healer". It takes shape! The release will be next week, and the beta is now ready for translation. 🤩

I'll be full-time painting until the release; each panel requires at least 3 to 4h of paint-over and adjustments, and it's a lot of hours until I find the pages ready for 'final'. 💜

License: "Episode 38: release next week" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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link Vinay  

"The Healer"? Sounds like Carrot collected more tears than Pepper needed ;).

Good luck with the huge job you've got ahead of you but don't forget to take care of yourself too. It is done when it is done. Looking forwards to this new episode but I'm also patient.

Curious and you may not have thought about his yet, but will Ep40 be a silent episode again? You maintained that until Ep30 but Ep35 did have text. Not necessarily something bad but I did like the pattern. Sometimes it is nice to break away from the main storyline (except for Ep25, but that was a nice one too) and have something that isn't influenced by what has been and has no influence on what is yet to come. I think it would actually be a really good one for you to do again, as you said you've been struggling with the storyline lately.

link an0n  

Paint-over technique slows down the creation process. Probably, simplification of pipeline could help you get higher issuance frequency to earn more the same time period.

link David Revoy Author,

That's true, but I already tested on other episodes. I'm not happy if I don't 'paint', all other steps are too industrial and I'm dying inside when I do them. Earning more and higher frequency is sure appealing, but having interesting and challenging painting days and a result I enjoy more is higher in my priorities.

link David Revoy Author,

Thank you!

Oh yes, I had to break the rules for ep35 and the silent episode because of the layout of book 4: it was nearly impossible to end correctly the book making ep35 speechless. I already have mini stories storyboarded without speech-bubble ready; they are a bit 'off topic' the main storyline but for sure something I want to redo soon.

link an0n  

@David REVOY I swear I've had predicted quite similiar answer, but is seems like fans of series are not satisfied with update speed, accordingly comments under last episode. Honestly, I don't interested with family friendly comic series, but that universe development. So higher update frequency means more saturated world for me to explore.

link Setsuna  

I am an long time reader of P&C. I like the artwork and the stories. I think David is creating something special here, that you can see in every panel.
Sure, a higher update frequency might be desirable by some. But it also runs the risk of this comic transforming into something more akin to very high frequency comics like Garfield et al, that can't hold a candle to P&C in terms of quality. Also it will tire out the author.
If you desire more content, then explore the internet. There are loads of comics out there that are also high quality or have higher frequency or excel in some other area. Check back from time to time to find new episodes here.
I would prefer P&C to stay Davids vision instead of him having to compromise on the quality of his art and storytelling just to satisfy demand for something he gives freely.

link an0n  

He is author, so the choice is his. I want to get more detailed lore, rather than more frequent comic updates.

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