The distinctive smell in the air after it rains. 🌧️🥰

Click on the artwork to download the 3840x2047px version (good details for printing or a wallpaper). I started this one as a sketch yesterday to test a new set of Krita brushes I made, and decided this morning to push it with enough details to post it.

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link Vinay   - Reply

I really like the composition with the lights in the middle and how it fades to the sides into your page (which is dark too). I'm not super sure whether a rainbow would be visible like that if there are two lanterns in front and maybe the image would have been even stronger if there weren't a bright sky with a rainbow in the back (so actually having the lanterns as the only sources of light). Yet at the same time, you've done that a few times already and the rainbow is big part of the story here. Helped by the amazing reflection in the tiles. Everything is wet but it is no longer raining. The image definitely conjures that nice feel and smell you get after a proper downpour. Loving this one!

link Sean   - Reply

In English, the distinctive smell after it rains is called petrichor. I love your artwork and your open-source spirit. Thank you so much for your contribution to society!

link Merci!   - Reply

En français aussi:

link Vulphere   - Reply

Petrichor is simply lovely!

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