Discuss with the Dragon

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SO, after the previous "Confront the Dragon", I continue my research.

This time, I wanted to study a more cinematographic shot, with depth of field and again, multiple light sources (obviously a contrast of a cold and warm one).

I think I improve a bit in the way I'm letting more and more expressive brush stroke visible but in place where they are not an issue for reading the picture. Firm edges and sharpening are ok, but I need to find a better solution because I used here the "clipping mask" workaround in Krita, and it was really unbearable how many layers where necessary and buttons to press to just shade a shape and then merge back. I start to really wish if Krita had real clipping mask.

On the downside, I spent a bit too much time at the drawing and the flat color. I saw later on the artwork I could really solve most of the sketch at the flat color step, and I could also do a less precise flat color because the shading sort of broke a lot of its precision. So, I have two rooms for optimization in my next test.

My goal is to find a way to crunch the time and optimize it until I can do something like that in 2 or 3h max. Right now, I still spent the double on it.

The drawing

The color flat

The quick shading pass

my desk and setup: Intuos Pro Large, Fedora KDE Linux 36, Philipps 245E monitor

License: "Discuss with the Dragon" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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