Anatomy studies

So I am into a period of doing anatomy studies with for main purpose trying to get better at articulating the body on (digital) paper. My motivation: easing the drawing process on the future episode and feel more confident to start drawing lessons on my video channel. On the last episode 37, I had a lot of trouble with drawing the poses. I especially struggled with one of the panel on the last page where Pepper shows the large knife of the butcher to the Phoenix. It was a top down view, and I made many paint-over to obtain something I'm still not happy with. So, I pump my skill a bit to avoid this type of situation in the future.

I already have almost a week of training on these, part time. I'll not share all the first batch on the blog because I drew them mostly without clothes and the first batch looks bad and a bit too NSFW for my taste. Only this morning I had the idea I could not draw some details and cover them with a pant and a top so I could share the studies. This doesn't remove any complexity to the training and it makes it easier to manage the files imo (eg. no fear to accidentally show the studies in public or in a sketchbook). I'll keep this way to practice.

Do I see improvements? Not much yet. Sure, my line is a bit more precise but my poses are still stiff. At least, I have less and less difficulties to draw the body as a whole. It has been a month I switched to use the Intuos Pro Large now and I'm happy about its precision mapped on my 24'' quadHD monitor. It wasn't evident because its active area is smaller than the tablet I come from (the Intuos4 XL). The too grainy default surface already ate 4 nibs, but the overlay sheet is getting a little bit smoother and the duration of the nibs is increasing accordingly. I drew these three poses at 50% viewport without zooming in, on single layer for each of them, with a slight Stabilizer 'size' (around 28) and the mechanical pencil part of my 2021 brush pack.

License: "Anatomy studies" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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