🪷Kiki (the Krita’s mascot), but in my style.

It's the topic of the contest of the monthly Krita-Artist art contest. That's also for my future mega tutorial for this summer.

I recorded it this week; commenting everything and I'm right now derushing 6h of talk and screenrecord to crush that to a "smaller" 1h40 video. It will be my second "from A to Z" big video friendly for beginners. The artwork was done for the needs of the video with a Krita without preferences, from stock install and with only default brushes.

I'm back at video editing it! I hope Kdenlive will be able to render this huge monster.

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link Daniel   - Reply

Great art, and I'm looking forward to the video!

link Faith   - Reply

She is so cute!

link Vinay   - Reply

Yeah, I love this one and it may even be a natural evolution that the Krita team could consider. Computers used to be great to create sterile and (arguably) "perfect" drawings. Plus of course, adequate equipment has become so much more accessible to every enthusiast. So I think the shift from a distant cyber squirrel to a girl in the street who likes to decorate her own bag and jacket (even if she has a squirrel tail if you wish) may be a good one.

link Pip   - Reply

That looks amazing!

David, do you think you'd ever give tutorials/record drawing lessons for beginners? (You have a lot of stuff for intermediate/advanced levels, but I don't recall seeing anything for beginners)

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