Dryad (fan-art)

I love the art-direction and music of the Mana franchise; especially Secret of Mana. If you haven't played it, Dryad is a small magical creature representing the 'green' magic (in a nutshell). The Dryad's page on the Wiki of Mana details it better.

This artwork started as a doodle in my sketchbook. I wanted to test something with going a little bit more on saturated colors, and it was the ideal target for my test. Shading her hair was surprisingly more complex than I thought.

License: "Dryad (fan-art)" by David Revoy − Published under fair-use. This artwork contains references to copyrighted elements.
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link Oel044  

Is this a Pepper sketch?: https://twitter.com/davidrevoy/status/779717970708819970
I saw you have a lot of sketches that are not in the main page of Pepper&Carrot and links that go missing.

link David Revoy Author,

Hi! Oh yes, my sketchbook has probably a lot of Pepper sketched that are not on main website. It's difficult to find the time to port them; scanning, cleaning, saving as krita files, include them on the website (easier to take a picture with a camera and post them on social media). If you needs one specific for a project, let me know; I'll try to find 20min on a evening and scan it and push it online.

link Woodland Being  

Beautiful! Especially enjoyed the (in a nutshell) pun ^_^

link David Revoy Author,

😉 Thanks!

link Oel044  

Thank you!!!

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