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In the interest of keeping Pepper&Carrot free, I've decided to take on subtle product placement.

Special thanks to Craig Maloney, Nartance and Sabrina.

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link Moini   - Reply

Love it :) Thank you for giving me something cute and funny to smile about today, David!

link Wackerly   - Reply

I was really confused for a hot second before I realized what day it was. Great product placements, by the way

link Olivier Saraja   - Reply

Bien vu :-)

link nomis   - Reply

Awesome! 😆 🐟🐠

link Ned   - Reply

"Kernel log Flakes" Mouhahahaha X-D

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Fortunately, everyone (or almost) got it!
Thank you for the comments (here and on social media), it was fun!

I'm adding this comment in case someone is tempted to react later to this post while skipping the context of the date, so now it is obvious.

link nyce   - Reply

'Dr. Shichimi' is a masterstroke tbh

link Lynerlok   - Reply

Very clever and funny, many thanks !

link Jorge   - Reply

This is GOLD! Not only the general idea, but the specific puns! They are sooo good, hahaha. I enjoyed this a lot. Thanks, David.

link foss toss   - Reply

bro, this is funny lol.
Juliette XD

link freynir   - Reply

Ehh, Camel N°5 in yellow colour– this smell must be very unordinary and extensive. Mayby fresh extract direct from the source?
PS- for legal reason (there exist company whith that name: better change noVPN name to something else, maybe nonVPN?

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