link Pip   - Reply

This is awesome, thank you so much!!

link Oel044   - Reply

I love it, thank you so much!!!

link Oel044   - Reply

The arrow is where the stairs are? Why we ever saw the undergriound river (or it is a new thing)? What is at the secret room?

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Yes for the arrows about the stairs.

About the underground river and the secret room; they were both 'things' of canceled episodes.

For the river, a preparatory artwork is still visible for the 'river' here: https://www.davidrevoy.com/article454/traditional-inking .
The river episode was canceled because it was flat, and I couldn't spice it more, a better idea just replaced it. Also, the https://www.davidrevoy.com/article607/endless-runner-game-by-winterlicht Runner game, had in project (never done, and no problem; it was a end-of studies project) to add a scenario with the "flood" of the basement with the river also growing to increase difficulty of some level. And helping Pepper to collect potions, etc...

And for the secret room it was about a story where master Thym had to go into her secret place to "embrace the Chaos"; and Pepper was very curious about the secret technique of Chaosah. After many random events and struggle, Pepper finally find the secret room of Master Thym and discover it in the basement; Plot twist: Thym just does radom artisty things: like jungling, dancing, karaoke. (ok, it doesn't sounds good summarised, but the storyboard was pretty funny). I canceled it because I saw at that time an episode from The Big Bang Theory where the plot of the episode is exactly the same: Sheldon goes to a secret place in his break, and no one know what he does. They have all sort of theory about secret project, physic, math, etc... while he just need a place to jungle with a soft ball. The story structure was too similar, so I prefered to cancel it. I rewrote it as episode 15, where Pepper still follows Thym, but discover a network of crystal balls run by spider-admins.

link Brenda   - Reply

This is awesome. I can imagine 3D walkthrough Pepper's house :)

link Arlo   - Reply

While I can't easily imagine it (aphantasia I think), I agree it's awesome so right now I'm using this image to mock up a SweetHome3D file. It's not ready for public viewing yet and may change depending on the modification that Ferdinand and Deevad note elsewhere in this comment section, but already it's giving me a better feel for the space. Thanks Deevad for always making delightful resources for the world of Hereva like this one!

link Vince   - Reply

This is very cool, thank you!

I'm confused by the "Front door" label on the right of the picture where Thyme & Cayenne are chatting in front of the fireplace, with Cumin in the background : from this point of view, isn't the door supposed to be behind the viewer? And I wonder what the bit of railing we're seeing behind Thyme is? 🤔

Anyway, wonderful idea to establish that map, thanks again! And it's cool to learn some anecdotes about cancelled scenarios too. Do you keep your preparatory works like storyboards for canceled ideas? It would probably be interesting to see too!

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Thanks, true about the "front door", I should have added a → arrow to show where it goes (the door isn't visible, a better label could have been 'entrance hall') . What you see behind thym is the stairway going upstair. Visible also in https://www.peppercarrot.com/xx/webcomic/ep24_The-Unity-Tree.html and https://www.peppercarrot.com/fr/webcomic/ep21_The-Magic-Contest.html

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Oh, and about canceled storyboard, yes, I keep them. But I prefer to not publish them for the moment.
It's possible to find them sometime in the Beta-reading thread on Framagit.

link hauteclaire   - Reply

Hello mr. Revoy,

I'm learning so much with you. You inspired me to learn drawing and using Free software for everything. Actually I'm following your Kubuntu 20.04 guide and noticed that Ubuntu 22.04 will release next month. Do you pretend to upgrade when new Kubuntu is avaliable?

Thank you very much.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Hi Hauteclaire,

I'll not upgrade immediately; I often wait LTS+2month (or a bit more) before studying the new LTS. My article ( https://www.davidrevoy.com/article783/kubuntu-linux-20-04-for-a-digital-painting-workstation-reasons-and-install-guide ) was published in August 2020 for this reason, so expect if I adopt 22.04 I'll have similar delay.

About moving to Kubuntu 22.04, I'm not sure. I unfortunately dislike the 'buntu general 'snap everything' recent philosophy that brings low quality packaging, more bugs and slow performance in my experiences. I also dislike the totally bad situation for tablet and color management on Wayland (that is pushed to be default more and more everywhere, despite being unusable for poeple like me). So, this distro needs a careful examination: the regression, package missing, new library, limitations, etc... Getting tablet functional and color management for multi-monitor + good packages stable would be great, unfortunately 'buntu ecosystem is not healthy as it was in the past so I expect more limitations and regression than really a feeling of getting a better operating system. I'll certainly revisit other project Mint (+a custom Plasma/KDE install?), Debian, Fedora, Arch and check their 2022 situation and quality. My final choice will be based on that.

link meowcat   - Reply

Hi David,

I'm unfamiliar with the issues with tablets and colour management on Wayland, could you explain what those issues are? Are they planned to be fixed or not? I'm using Kubuntu LTS as well from your guide. I don't plan to change from Xorg, but I was just curious.

I'm also looking to switch from Kubuntu, it's not a bad distro, but I want to learn more and have more control. I have started trying Arch and it's very good, I plan on trying Fedora next. I also use a tablet + Krita, I like to play around with music software (Ardour), as well as gaming. It can be tricky getting a wide variety of things working well without having a bloated install, and I'm curious how the Wayland vs Xorg thing will go. With so many different use-cases, it needs to cater for everyone, ideally.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

You can find a list of all Plasma showstopper here for Wayland: https://community.kde.org/Plasma/Wayland_Showstoppers , especially:
- Graphic tablet KCM is very barebones [...]
- No color management [...]
The wiki redirect to revelant bug reports that sometime link themselves to discussions and Merge Request. I have been participating to meeting about it. So, things are in progress.

Yes, X11 is (fortunately) still an option. I have latest Fedora on my laptop, and it was possible to switch the logging session into a X11 environment; but that falls into my 'workaround' things to do, and for my guide I'll look for the distro that require the less workaround and terminal tweak to do :-) Arch and Arch based are fine distro. Unfortunately, going rolling release is not an option for all the library I need to run for Pepper&Carrot tools (renderfarm, books, video tutorial). I need them to work when I load them after 2 weeks sleeping away and with rolling distro I remember I spent my time getting scanner not working in critical moment, or rendering of all my comic page glitchy at release time, or graphic display tweaking instead of having a productive day of painting. It made me very reluctant to update my system. Even Fedora with the 6 month cycles is a bit too intense for my usage. I'll look for distro maybe with a yearly release cycle. I'm really curious about Kubuntu 22.04; I think I'll spare time in evening this week to launch the dailybuild ISO on my laptop and see what choices are made. Finger crossed for having here a solid base for building a good PC to make art :)

link Daniel Steinborn   - Reply

That’s the same kind of thoughts that I had recently. Ultimately I went with Endeavouros + KDE and am more than happy with it. Rock solid and a joy to paint with.

link Ferdinand   - Reply

Just wondering about the fireplace. As it is pretty big, it should need a big chimney, going right trough Pepper's bedroom. There is however nothing indicating that on the map. The chimney on the roof is just a small pipe, not really fitting the big fireplace that is depicted.

Well, there probably is a lot of magic going on, so I should not be too distracted by those things.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Yes, you are totally right. It's something I'll think to fix for a more detailed version. I guess the hollow wall of stone (sorry, I don't have vocabulary for "le conduit de cheminée) upstair would be merged with the wall of Pepper's bedroom; and the volume would appear in the hall where the platform for landing with broom is. Lucky Pepper; she has the warmest bedroom of the house. :-)

link Greg   - Reply

I think you meant to tag this "artworks"? (Or something else perhaps, but this is the only post with #artwork).

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Oh, thanks for checking the tag and reporting the mistake. Fixed!

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