The market

Click the picture to enlarge to full resolution (5689x3200px), should be enough for a wallpaper :-)

This illustration might become the first panel for my next episode. I took the time to explore and work on my "brushwork". I also had plenty of concept-art to do on this new location and for imagining clothes. It was difficult because I wanted to capture a specific mood and lighting I had in mind.

I wanted a strong key light; but not falling into a chiaroscuro setup with too hard shadows, so I decided to fill the shadows with an over exagerated light bouncing (or radiosity/indirect-lighting). I also put a large cold top ambiant light (sky box?), more something seen in modern movie set and CG animation. I also got a lot of color variation from the top key light filtered by the big piece of drapery that shade the street. I could this way place saturated mandarin orange and lime green colors; and make more light bouncing.

All in all, I put a lot of work into the light ...and I like this game!

Source/Krita file:

But I'm not fully happy with the workflow I used for this piece; I could invest a little bit more time into the part where I started to block volumes in black and white, just after the thumbnails and before recoloring (I used mostly the 'Overlay' blending mode, btw). I probably could save half time if I planned the artwork a bit better. But that's the charm of also exploring.

Video timelapse:

Here is also an accelerated timelapse of the screen recording captures while making this digital painting illustration with the software Krita 5.0.2 on Kubuntu Linux. The video is 2min43 long but the original time was around 15h and it was painted on a Intuos 4 XL.

Krita 5.0.2 (appimage) is incredibly reliable and stable here. A real pleasure to paint with it, make brushes and experiment. I started to test Krita 5 in September, and this version is "day and night" compare to all the previous version I beta-tested during episode 36 of Pepper&Carrot.

License: "The market" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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