link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Hey! This is the longest episode of Pepper&Carrot, it's twice as long as normal!

It is also the first one designed for a dark theme. A real technical challenge designed to complete and conclude the book 4. This episode heavily refers to many past episodes. Especially since episode 32, "The Battlefield". I imagine that this number of references will confuse some readers and this episode will probably works better in the context of finishing reading the book. But maybe it will encourage to reread previous episodes?

In any case, it contains a lot of new elements, surprises and I confess, I really enjoyed writing it! I hope you'll feel that too while discovering it.

A big special thanks to all contributors and patrons! Have a good week and holidays for the end of year! 💛

link Noyb   - Reply

That's funny, to end the war, she caused even more chaos without even realizing it.

link Snowball   - Reply

Yeah, chaos, but better that than carnage, right?

link Stéphanie   - Reply

Hello David,
Reading this episode was just thrilling ! The plot, twists and your graphical touch make me enjoy your work. I've been reading Pepper&Carrot for several years now. As a teacher, it's always a pleasure to share this reading with my pupils. This new episode was released just on time before holidays, they'll be happy to discover it. Thank you so much for you work. Take good care of yourself.

link Fabian Röling   - Reply

What a great end to this arc! It started a bit atypical for Pepper&Carrot (not necessarily bad), but this ending tied it all up greatly and brought it back to the usual feel, but with a much bigger scope than usual.
(Although mind control is always a bit questionable… Will it last forever? That would rob people of part of their personality. Or not? Then the conflict will likely return.)

link Jack   - Reply

Well, mind control was still better than the slaughter that would happen otherwise. And I think the spell will eventually wear off just like previous one (just maybe after days instead of hours due to the dragon power-up). And after that, well, if what I think is happening down there, is happening... The sheer power of embarrassment will surely stop them from fighting. They will all unite against Pepper instead.

link Skull Insides Prisoner   - Reply

There're in fact more options. First of all, even naturally (non-magically) loving couples have misunderstandings sometimes, and if one happens between two spelled people it may turn out that there are no way to objectively distinguish this as a part of relationships development and an effect of the spell wearing off, so actual wearing off is hard to prove.
Moreover, this scenario supposes that the conflict has deep intrinsic reasons, while the spell-associated compassion is a short-term perturbation in the flow. It may as well work quite the opposite way: the conflict is a consequence of some random perturbation gone out of control, while love and compassion have deep intrinsic reasons. The job of spell is only to return the things to their natural way of operation, as Chaosah magic always works:)

link perlcat   - Reply

Worth. The. Wait.

link Bruno   - Reply

It was great, man. The moment she realized the connections was brilliant!

link abowden   - Reply

And the culmination was certainly one for the history books. Just... perhaps not for the reasons she'd prefer. Whoops.

link Philippe   - Reply

Beautifully done !!! I am so glad that I got to see this, and that I can continue to support your fine artistry. Well done !!!

link Lexi   - Reply

Amazing episode! I absolutely love your artwork! ♥

link Vinay   - Reply

An episode full of love, lovin' it!

link Rob Wright   - Reply

Amazing episode ! I loved it.

link Greg Schultz   - Reply

Tour de force of art, story and emotions. Deevad you are remarkable.

link pierre   - Reply

Beautiful kiss between Shishimi and Torreya, we already had the clue in the previous episode that the last one was into girls.

link Pepper   - Reply

What was the clue?

link pierre   - Reply

The way she looked to Pepper.

link Anonymous   - Reply

The episode is awesome. But I feel like this chain reaction has run out of control. It is highly likey that the Black King got paired to Wassabi, and the White King got paired to her first mate. So their armies got combined.

link Jane   - Reply

I see that Carrot and Torreya's fox are posing like Jack and Rose (from the Titanic movie) on the dragon's head, lol.

I guess we can expect a brand new generation to be born out of the battle. :D

Great story so far!

link Ben   - Reply

Really fantastic work, thanks so much for your creation! The panel of Pepper facing off against Array is really well put-together: beautiful symmetry and dynamism. You are a master of your craft.

link Om   - Reply

Foi um dos episódios mais incríveis da história!
Parabéns, David =D

link Arkane   - Reply

Salut, une petite coquille à corriger dans la version française : « que se passe-t'il » => « que se passe-t-il ».
Commentaire à supprimer après correction.

link Nartance Contributor, - Reply

Bonjour Arkane,
Merci ! On va corriger ça ;)

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Corrigé ici: https://framagit.org/peppercarrot/webcomics/-/commit/d223da8b3755ba9f4e249c690f116da50b0369b5 , merci !
(selon votre volonté, cette enfilade de message s'auto-détruira dans 24h)

link cyril   - Reply

bravo pour ce dernier épisode! et merci pour tout le contenu que tu partages, ca m'aide beaucoup dans mes recherches..et la philosophie.. top top!

link dd-h   - Reply

Absolutly brilliant as always :)
I have discovered 2 little bugs in the german translation.
How can they be communicated to the german translators?


link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Please open an issue on https://framagit.org/groups/peppercarrot/-/issues if you want to be 100% independant,
But if you just want to relay the info, email me or comment here the issue and I'll relay it to the contributor in charge of this translation.

link ninouche   - Reply

l'épisode36 est génial ! Je l'ai adorée . La scène où les guerriers attaquent avec les catapultes m'avait fait pensée à pirates des caraibes...

link Thomas lafrance   - Reply

Yo Félix et Eliot ses cool 😎 votre épisode

link Hein le gars 👦   - Reply

Les gars es ce que vous avais aimer cette épisode
De thomas
A Eliot et Félix

link Skull Insides Prisoner   - Reply

A kiss in Pepper&Carrot
A girl-girl kiss in Pepper&Carrot, ooh:)

link Thomas   - Reply

Yo Marc-Antoine

link ninouche   - Reply

Je vous avais déjà envoyez un message sur l'épisode 36, pour vous dire à quel pont il était bien, mais là je suis entrain de tous les relire c'est génial !

link Nora   - Reply

Lovely episode, David, thanks for the great work!
And what a sweet kiss between Shichimi and Torreya <3
But I guess that makes the episode (and the book it is contained in) illegal in Hungary now :-( What a shame.

link Vinay   - Reply

Or instead, maybe it will trigger a change for the better in Hungary too. It was so lovingly done, surely they can't disapprove :). Either way, they surely won't scrutinize such a book this closely?

link Xantros   - Reply

I won't go political but it is not illegal. There is a law that states something like: LGBT+ must not be taught in schools (elementary at least but maybe even in High School). To me this refers to propaganda style media, which Pepper&Carrot is not. This was a nice little moment. And the books could still be sold here so there's that, just to get some facts straight. :)

link J   - Reply

Heh, you know... this would've been a great opportunity for a cross over with a certain other, less family friendly fantasy comic.

link freynir   - Reply

Nice. As always, chain reactions was finished with big explosion (of love).

link Charlemagne   - Reply

I was enjoying this until, of course, the glorification of sodomy. Why did you feel the need to add such degenerate content?. Nobody asked for this, nobody wanted this.

Oh wait, you're French. I guess that answers the question.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

I had a look at dictionary for the definition of term you used, and this episode doesn't contain any scene like this. Please be more precise about what made you reacting this way, and why, including the part about stereotypes about French. I have a lot of trouble understanding your comment. Thanks.

link pierre   - Reply

A glorification of sodomy ? Where ? I didn't saw a such thing anywhere in the episode. And what's the relation with the author's nationality ?

I'm sorry, but i don't understand your comment.

link perlcat   - Reply

Apparently you missed the object lesson -- that there just isn't enough love in the world. You should study it more. I think this was tastefully done, and two people kissing, whatever their gender, has nothing to do with you -- your irritation with it is a reflection upon your character, not theirs. So far as this being an attempted denigration of the French, if they are tolerant of others, then that is to their credit, not their shame. The world, its civilization and its culture owes a lot to the French and their wonderful character, and to allow your nasty comment to pass unnoticed is simply wrong. Finally, if you don't like this, go somewhere else, and start your own comic.

link Xantros   - Reply

Ehh how you Inglis-type-uh say?! I UN-CLOG my nose at you! You son a WINDOWDRESSER!
Your MOTHER was a hamster and your father smelt.. OF ELDERBERRIES!

Now be nice or I will taunt you A SECOND TIME-UH!

link Skull Insides Prisoner   - Reply

I understand (and somewhat share but not that emotionally) your outrage but please calm down. By posting such a toxic reply (including direct low-grade name-calling!) you put yourself on the same level with the offender and create a bad kind of athmosphere here. Not to say you are wrong but there're more beautiful ways to be right)

link Charlotte   - Reply

So this means Pepper & Carrot is not for all ages anymore? :)

Btw, "chain-reaction" already have a name, I think it is "synchronicity" from Carl Jung teaching...

link Vinay   - Reply

Mutual respect and diversity is for all ages. Not sure if it is already a world-wide thing, but at least here (The Netherlands) Friday December 10th (second Friday of December) the schools celebrate the so-called Purple Friday where schools for kids of all ages celebrate sexual diversity and LGBT+ acceptance. So yes, this is definitely for all ages.

I have to say I'm a little disappointed seeing readers being upset by something so elementary.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@Vinay: no worry, most of it is still a low percent among all feedback.
Purple Friday sounds really cool. 💜

link Noyb   - Reply

No one would care so much about two women or two men kissing had not a bunch of degenerates hijacked the sexuality thing and turned it into a political tool. Now people that don't want to see it get shoved in their faces all the time are being called bigots. Also, there are some major concerns happening throughout the world right now that these people that have hijacked the sexuality thing are using it to groom and mutilate children and teenagers and to normalize bestiality.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@Charlotte: Hi, Pepper & Carrot is still open to all ages, I don't think I crossed a boundaries with a simple kiss to require a 12, 15 or 18y/o disclaimer.
In Jung concept, I think it is the interpretation of simulataneous events with lack of causal connections. Pepper chain-reactions are caused by her actions, it's simply "causality" (controled or not, and with noticeable change in the situation). Another chain reaction is at play on episode 29.

link Vinay   - Reply

@David: Yeah, it just does kinda bother me. I'm a teacher but I'm also a dad of two girls. If they ever find out they're lesbian or bisexual, I just want it for them to be a happy discovery rather than something to be shocked or ashamed of. Now I do think they're fully aware of and ok with diversity as from a young age we always talked about it as as normal as it is rather than something odd or an exception. But sadly in traditional stories and fairytales homosexuality is highly uncommon so it definitely helps to have some cool witches like Torreya and Shichimi balance things out, without it being a big deal to anyone in the story.

As for Purple Friday, it indeed seems to be a thing here in The Netherlands only. Students at schools can set up a so called Gender and Sexuality Alliance (gsanetwork.org) which actually is an international movement. Such a GSA works together with the school board to initiate positive change, safety and awareness. But one of these things is Purple Friday. Basically, wear purple and take it as wild and creative as you wish. It is just a fun and positive event. Look up pictures of "paarse vrijdag" on the internet to get an idea.


link pierre   - Reply

People aren't bothered when kids see french kiss from straight couples, it should be the same for same-sex couples.

Anyway, i find it's cool to see a such thing not being a big deal in a all-ages content that is absolutely not marketed on this basis.

link Luch4   - Reply

In my opinion, it doesn't matter if the kids see a heterosexual or a homosexual kiss. Both are normal adult relationships. But the very idea of turning to adult relationships in comics "for all ages" is risky enough.

На мой взгляд, неважно, увидят ли дети гетеросексуальный или гомосексуальный поцелуй. И то и другое есть нормальные взрослые отношения. Но сама идея обратиться к взрослым отношениям в комиксе "для всех возрастов" достаточно рискованна.

link scorp   - Reply

OMG, people. You saw semi-naked Pepper in episode 10 and 19. You saw Hereva pornhub in episode 15. You saw kiss in episode 11. You saw episode 22, as it is. It was OK. But now you say: "Oh, no, kissinng, that's unacceptably!"? Are you kidding youselth?

link J   - Reply

In English, Christians sometimes use the term sodomy as a disparaging colloquialism for homosexuality.

link pierre   - Reply

Thanks for the explanation, but it doesn't make the said comment more relevant. I don't understand why a such representation is so often assimiled as a promotion.

link perlcat   - Reply

It's just low-grade nastiness. It takes an extraordinarily selective reading of God's Word to construe homosexuality as a sin worthy of comment -- if that is a mortal sin, then gluttony, mixed fabrics, eating meat on the wrong days, bacon, and a host of other Old Testament maledictions are also required. This would then make the person not a Christian, but an observing Levite member of the Jewish religion. I'm sick of people perverting a message of love and acceptance into one of hatred and intolerance. If a picture of a couple fictional girls kissing is considered a "promotion", then the problem is in the mind of the viewer, and no one else. Given that we haven't solved all the *real* problems in the world, this is a myopic and cruel view of the world and unworthy of any respect within the religion of Christianity.

link Skull Insides Prisoner   - Reply

Let's finally stop concentrating the discussion on this particular feature of the episode. If we continue, it'll mean that our community is not as wise and open as it used to seem, and that'd be shameful.

link perlcat   - Reply

While I agree the discussion is unwarranted, I feel a strong defense of this "feature" is required simply as a lesson in tolerance, and to remind people of Revoy's wonderful and delightful works. If people cannot accept actions in a beautifully executed and free comic that promotes love and kindness and represents an incredible labor of love to bring it forth, and take it upon themselves to pour their hatred out, then they deserve a stern lecture on tolerance, and I am more than happy to supply. It's as much to defend and compliment Revoy as it is to defend the actions depicted.

I find it simply wrong and cruel for people to direct their abuse and nastiness upon a total stranger merely because they cannot bear the sight of love in a form that does not appeal to them. There is nothing in this comic that is not suitable for very young people; there is no actual nudity or fanservice, it is simply a beautifully drawn and thought-out, wholesome webcomic that teaches a little about love. I'd be more than happy to let my grandsons read it, and when they learn how to read, I will -- at age 3 and newborn, they are a little wet behind the ears for that.

link pierre   - Reply

The fact is that kind of content is still pretty rare, even today, and even rarer in content for all-ages and not used as marketing argument. So until this kind of representation is normalized, there's nothing wrong to praise it, and not only because it stills encounters hostile reactions.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Thank you all very much for your nice words and infos. I better understand now.

I laughted at the list of @scorp , well done! 😆
Thanks for your nice words @perlcat 👍 same to @Vinay, @J and @pierre.
@Skull Insides Prisoner , no worry; and it's fine to talk about it. The audience of Pepper&Carrot is large and variety of comments and perspective too.
@Luch4 I understand. And that's the real challenge of a comic "for all ages" too: not falling into the "children-only".

link Frostyflytrap   - Reply

I love that this comic is really starting to give hints of a larger overarching story while still maintaining its silly charm. Not to mention that the artwork is getting ever more beautiful each episode, I can't wait for the next one! 😊

link Xantros   - Reply

I'm a bit late to the next episode but it is how it is with everything I do.. haha
Loved the comic, I think roughly double the time, double the pages so it all balances out! Noticed the length right away but more is better. :)

Anyways, I remembered those little snippets you showed in videos and sneak-peeks. To see them again and recall them felt really good. (the first picture of the castle and pepper the big spell)
But that cell window really threw me off! haha I could not tell at first if it is facing left or right. I sometimes have a problem with that. Of course it's mean to be the right. Love the night time also, I prefer to draw it myself.

The way you draw magic effects is well... uh... magical! No seriously! It is just mesmerizing! When the dragon shares some Rea! WoW! By looking at your artwork deeply I learn a lot on how to improve my own... so... Thank you David! Now to check out Krita 5 and do some tinkering! :)

I'm happy Pepper made the choice to not give in to a nastier side in the last episode. That was a powerful moment for her and now we see what good and bad consequences it can bring.

link Snowball   - Reply

The mouse looks strange... The fish in episode 21 looked lively and proportional, but this mouse... I don't know if it's perspective, single colour/shading, big head/eyes (might be perspective, too) or what that I don't like, but it looks a bit... Caricature-simplified, big-eyed and out of style to the rest of the cast and stage?

I do wish for more hugs in comics, though... I need the drawing reference and everybody insists on either point-contact kisses or full-body tango kisses! (Technically, of course, the latter *are* hugs, but it's not quite what I need :/ )

Also, why does the captcha always say "failed" the first time around? Does it time-out while I'm writing? Kudos for saving the message on reload, by the way. VERY appreciated.

link perlcat   - Reply

That's the way all mice look in Hereva. That's the beauty in creating your own world. BTW, the captcha always fails once.

link Mona   - Reply

Bit surprised about Shichimi having a girlfriend, but I don't mind ☺️

link Jarie Suisen   - Reply

If you follow the How to be a Mind Reaver comic (by Edd Lai, you can find it on Webtoons and it is being published soon!), according to Cthu, mind control is the ultimate spell and is the perfect solution to almost every problem!

link Pranav   - Reply

I've been reading all the episodes, and this time it is just marvellous!
Everything, from the art, the story, the details, the colours, and even the speech bubbles are aweome

link Kanta   - Reply

Bravo !

link Yann   - Reply

Alors moi j'ai découvert votre magnifique travail en regardant les personnages de SuperTuxKart, où Pepper est représentée, et j'ai voulu savoir ce que c'était que "l'héroine de Pepper & Carrot"... Et bien je n'ai pas été déçu ! C'est vraiment un merveilleux travail, et moi qui suis un grand lecteur de fantasy, je suis fasciné par la richesse du monde que vous avez imaginé.

Je viens de lire les 36 épisodes à la suite, et vraiment, vraiment, un immense bravo.

link Abhiniti   - Reply

Haha! That was funny!

link EmdotRand   - Reply

This was a roller coaster. The armies remaining merged to hunt down Pepper hand me laughing. That realization from Pepper that she nearly offed her best friend's girlfriend had me grimace at the alternative. That kissing scene was a pleasant surprise. Then there's the ending. That upgraded compassion spell reeks of mind control non-con shenanigans. No wonder why Arra was hesitant.

link andreas   - Reply

Italian text "Hai perfettamente ragnone" should be "Hai perfettamente ragione".

link EscuchaElViento   - Reply

Fantástico. De ritmo vertiginoso y desarrollo impredecible, la historia concluye con escenas de ternura y elegante sensualidad. Felicitaciones, David: ¡me haré patreon!

link Zykaylia Tamia Clark   - Reply


link igor cavour oliveira   - Reply

so, pepper chain reaction magic messe up with the reality tissue itself by changing the destiny ? that was a mind blow to me! forget the fireballs, that is what i call magic!

oh, and that ending LOL

link passerby   - Reply

Your artwork has always been amazing, but this was just breathtaking. You really nailed the dark theme.

Thank you for being such an inspiration

link Jasper   - Reply

When will the next episode come? I love Pepper and Carrot comics.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Hi, I don't have any ETA for now; I wanted by mid-April, but the amount of personal/family priorities stacks right now and since the start of 2022... Sometime, it's like walking against the wind. Be sure I'm doing my best. Thanks for your sweet words!

link Jasper   - Reply

Your welcome.

link Ken   - Reply

I love pepper she is so cute and beautiful

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Thanks 😍

link An ink monkey   - Reply

I've loved this comic for a long time, ever since it's first episode, and the improvement of the art style from the first to now was apparent from the second chapter. That being said I do have my two cents to put in about the kiss panel. Multiple things can be true at once.
1. It seems a bit rushed, yes, but I suppose because homosexual attraction isn't all that common makes it difficult to include.
2. That being said, I would much rather someone like REVOY (an indie comic dev.) to a corporation like disney. So that it isn't just for brownie points that end up going rotten when released in other countries.
Also the fact that this is an original character, and not taking a character and twisting and turning it to the point of unrecognizability.

Finally, I love the idea of chaos magic, and eldritch things. And am interested to see where the story goes!

P.S. Is my thought process too harsh? Honest question, I'm quite black and white on things and have a tough time telling where the general public stands.

link Lord Tuvaptus   - Reply

I have nothing against such kisses, but why in all 36 chapters, not a single boy character appeared? Every time I open a new chapter, I keep waiting for a young male character to appear, but he never appears. It's been so long already, but nothing changes. The only boy in the whole story is the cat.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Having a male character in the main casting (not like the many secondary already introduced like Kings/mayors/soldiers but more like primary Coriander/Shichimi/Saffron/etc... ) is a wish I have. I just haven't found the good opportunity in the story, or the good concept-art yet. It takes time; and the main focus from ep34 to 36 arc was to introduce Wasabi. And be sure she was a higher priority in my schedule as many derivations were asking the series to get a figure that can be used as an antagonist.

link Lilly   - Reply

je les ai tous lu et j'ai carrément adoré. Vivement la suite!!!
Lilly 9 ans

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Merci Lilly! j'y travaille 😻

link mathis   - Reply

Bonjour,aujourd'hui j'ai lu tous les épisodes et je crois que le cinquième épisode j'ai aimé où carrot il se prend un coup de foudre .

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Merci Mathis!

link Marili💖♥️❤️   - Reply

Bravo David excellent épisode comme d’habitude.Mais je trouve que la fin se répète souvent et sa perturbe un peu mais j’adore quand même 😋😛

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Merci Marili! Je vais essayer de faire des fins plus surprenantes et inatendues pour les prochains, promis! Pour celui-là, c'était la fin du livre 4, je voulais rester sur un happy-end et pas un gag sur l'emprisonement de Pepper. Oui, je risque de me répéter souvent; je découvre avec l'audience les limites de mes capacités de scénaristes aussi. Merci pour le commentaire!

link Strawberry   - Reply

I just wanted to say I've been reading your comic for a long time now since I discovered it as a kid and from time to time remember it and check up on it ^^ I love your comic and wish you all the best in life, thank you for being part of my childhood!

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Hey, thank you for writting a little word about it! That's super nice.

link foss toss   - Reply

yo, i like this comic. I've binge-read them even as I've my exams :p.
waiting for ep37.
thanks for making them David. I really appreciate your effort and dedication to art and free culture.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Thanks! And good luck for your exams :-)

link Mel   - Reply

Здравствуйте! У вас потрясающий комикс, часто его перечитываю. С нетерпением жду продолжение. Перец становится всё старше и опытнее. Надеюсь наставницы однажды оценят её как равную.

link abc   - Reply

When will the next episode be released?waiting-------------

link abc   - Reply

this is great

link abc   - Reply


link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Hey abc!
Hard to tell; getting threw this next episode is harder than usual; and it's probably 2 months I'm convinced it will be on the next 15 days and I fail.
Everytime, something happens randomly and shuffle my plans. I'm aiming mid-July right now.
Thanks for your encouraging comments!

link abc   - Reply

ok i'll wait:)

link Koneks0   - Reply

Спасибо за эту замечательную главу! Хоть мои знания английского языка весьма скудны, я с удовольствием прочитал эту главу и понял все до последнего слова. Замечательная вселенная, история и персонажи. С нетерпением жду продолжения!

link Lucas Moreira   - Reply

Oh man! This was a ride, really, I loved everything. The art, the characters, the lighthearted themes. Please keep going. You just got a new patreon.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Thank you very much!

link Joha   - Reply

I love this comics. So sad that chapters are published slowly, but I understand that it takes much time to draw it.

Anyway, I guess kisses — any of them, no matter what age/sex/species partners are — should not be there. This comics seemed so pure and light but wise (because adult topics were also mentioned), so kisses are something that we don’t need. If someone wants to show love, they have wide range of ways to do it.

link RMPArquimago   - Reply

Final genial é bom ter esses finais positivos

link Kitteh   - Reply

Does it seem strange that religion would be a reason cited for objecting to a kiss but for some reason witch craft and magic are ok to these same folks?

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

True, I remember I had feedback about that around 2015, mainly triggered by episode 8 "The Birthday Party" where Pepper summons demons and draws red incantations shapes on her garden under the rain. But it was on external communities (like ImgUr or Reddit, I don't remember where I read a comment like that). In a nutshell, they accused me to push the kid to black magic and evil. But at that time, that was also a classic overused anti-Harry Potter argument. I never really had after that comment about this topic.

link wizardhag   - Reply

I came across this comic years ago and enjoyed it. I'm glad to see it's still running! Love this comic.

link azerty   - Reply


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