DIY: Making a tablet stylus thinner

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License: "DIY: Making a tablet stylus thinner" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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link Indian  

Hello, your way of holding pen is quite unique and nowadays you are posting your blogs or something related. But we all are eagerly waiting for the next, hope you'll understand

By the way you're doing fabulous job. Keep it up :)

link Indian  

*Next episode

link David Revoy Author,

Hi Indian,
I understand! After latest episode, I rewrote from scratch the website and then took vacations. During vacations, I wrote a story. But after storyboarding the first pages, I thought I could do something better. So, I started studying another set of possibilities and now I'm into a new story and ready to start storyboard for it. It's a bit difficult to have visual and blog post about it. It will take another couple of month to finish it.

link supplementary angle  


RIPPPPPP !!!!! 😐
I wish his cat dies instead.

link David Revoy Author,

... you must be a very sad and bad person to wish that.

link Châu  

Cool engineering project! Good reason for open source hardware, other people can manufacture different pen when tablet manufacture company never have time or resource for create.

Side question: ever try use tablet and pen in Inkscape? I curious how good it work. Draw use track pad is slow because draw line almost never correct first time, always need fix line.

link Complementary angle  

No, don’t say like that.
Wish that he dies instead.

link Craig Maloney  

Yeah, we're done with wishing discomfort or pain on others, whether in jest or intentional.

link David Revoy Author,

Hey Châu! Thanks :)

> ever try use tablet and pen in Inkscape?

I did! I had a commission in the past for a brand of teenage clothes; featuring a design for Anime characters. The marketing departement wanted to print them on giant size; like 2,5 meters high for a booth at a convention. I delivered them in vector using Inkscape and the inking was done with the calligraphy tool and a tablet. It wasn't super comfortable for me, but also it was back in 2008 xD

Since this time, I haven't really tried again. I'm following the work of , very detailed inking done with Inkscape; you'll probably enjoy (especially the making of published around oct 2020).

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