link Deevad Author, - Reply

I'm releasing this episode for my 40th Birthday. Yes, it's today; and I want to thanks again all contributors, patrons for their continuous support and for offering me the possibility to keep drawing more adventures of Pepper&Carrot. I also received many amazing fan-art today ( https://www.peppercarrot.com/static10/fanarts ), big big thanks for that!

I hope you'll like this episode about Pepper's identity and this deep test for her moral boundaries. I know I took a risk here: the structure of this episode might be rejected by an audience that expect a "no-matter-what triumphant hero" and surrendering as a resolution is not really common into storytelling. A reason more for me to explore it! Because I also believe many fights −many of our dragons that chase us and put big pressure on us until being totally exhausted− transforms us and drive us away from original moral boundaries, from original goals, dreams and ... who we are. All of that for the only benefit of being triumphant at the end of the day. That's why I show in this tiny fable here that pausing, surrendering and 'let it go' is also an answer to preserve what is the more important: yourself and a quality of life. Consequences and fears belong to future and might be easier than what expected, especially after recovering self confidence, identity, happyness and all our psychological resources. But that's a topic for future episode 36!

Have a good week-end!

link Anonymous   - Reply

Happy birthday!

link A Poet   - Reply

Happy Birthday! I decided to release my poetry under a free license as well seeing your example.
Curious why you dont use CC-BY-SA to get the copyleft protection.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

I really like the recursive copyleft type of license and I think they work great for code. I put a lot of thought about CC-By-Sa vs CC-By when I had to choose. One of my main concern was about Cameo appearance and Fan-art. Do you think forcing other artists to distribute their piece under CC-By-Sa as soon as Pepper would appear in them could work? I don't.

That would be for me the best way to exclude myself from all the published artist and commercial comic culture (eg. Pepper appears this month on the cover of a Glenat Magazine along many other heros of the same publisher for summer activities and games, something like that would never happened if I used CC-By-Sa...). CC-By-Sa has also plenty of issue with social media like Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/etc... but I'll not detail because it would take too long.

Still, each years I struggle to want to relicense the whole Pepper&Carrot project under CC-By-Sa. But the main motivation is always not a positive one; it is fear. I'm attracted by CC-By-Sa by fear of getting an Embrace/Extend/Extinguish issue at one point. This is the real threat with growing success: eg. an animation studio that suddently get production budget to make Pepper&Carrot as a Netflix series but need to make dozens of new episodes that become for the public more "canon" than the real origin media, create new characters, new places, etc... If such a derivations is copyrighted; that can really be dangerous for the comic.

So, all in all; I'm not fully satisfied by CC-By but I still prefer it. My ideal license would contain a sort of "Fair trade" in it for commercial usage; some rules to protect the Lore/Universe; and some flexibility about a quick fair-use for Fan-art and Cameo. That's this type of topic I'm sharing when I met the Creative Commons team ( https://www.davidrevoy.com/article705/the-visit-at-creative-commons-france ). I hope one day they'll produce more licenses a bit more well adapted to the world...

link A Poet   - Reply

Though I may be naive suggesting this but one solution to this problem seems to be enforcement and liberal interpretation of fair use for the fan art part.

Regarding commercial use things like this can be licensed under CC BY SA without making for eg. the whole magazine CC BY SA, this allows them to still keep the rest copyrighted. And relicensing can also be a solution but I understand the slippery slope here.

Thankyou for highlighting this point, it gave me a new way of looking at my licensing choice.

link A Poet   - Reply

Edited to add: With Enforcement I mean not enforcing

link Craig Maloney Contributor, - Reply

The difficulty is that Fair Use as a term is a pretty USA-centric concept. Similar with the Public Domain there are countries who have adopted it and other countries that don't have the concept. This is one area that the CC licenses try to bridge so that the licenses work across a wide variety of countries. Unfortunately this also allows for some interpretation of the licenses. Incorporating a CC-BY-SA character drawing with other characters could be fine or it could make it more difficult for the artist doing the incorporation. With the CC-BY license there is little concern of adding licenses that might make the whole work CC-BY-SA. Also this allows for other folks to use different licenses for their work (e.g. I could release a P&C game that respects my own license wishes, whether that be CC-BY, CC-BY-SA, or any other variant. It removes some of the overhead of folks asking for exceptions and permission (which, as any artist or creative person will tell you, is more time for drawing and creating).

link A Poet   - Reply

Seems Reasonable!

link jan Ke Tami   - Reply

Happy Birthday! Wooooh!

link Willem3141   - Reply

Happy birthday! And you gave a very nice episode as a birthday present :)

link u7uajdiscz   - Reply

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a fantastic day!

link Jane   - Reply

Awesome piece! I'm glad Pepper haven't turned to the dark side. Otherwise it would make Carrot sad, lol. Looking forward to the next episode. 👍✨

link John   - Reply

Well, you can see when Pepper starts to explain about the cave, her eyes reflection are orange somekind

link Jonas   - Reply

Wow, what an amazing episode that took that a very unexpected turn. I have watched/read a lot of stories, but you always manage to surprise me. Impressive! I'm very curios to see how Pepper gets out of that situation.

I also like the message of this episode. It's so easy to give up who you are so others will like and accept you, but that rarely ends well, does it? It's really cool how you started that arc in episode 32 and brought it to a conclusion here.

I've been following the series since episode 3 or 4 and it's amazing how much you've improved. It's really generous of you to share your work and process with us for free. You can be really proud of yourself!

And Happy Birthday 🎉🎂🎉 I hope you did something nice for yourself today.

link Andreas   - Reply

A lot of nice compositions !

Happy Birthday :-) !

link C.S. Pereira   - Reply

I am sure that Pepper would beat Undertale only on Pacifist mode. haha!!!

Btw, happy birthday David Revoy. I hope you have many years to life and to be happy. I don't know you personally, but your stories on the Pepper and Carrot's series make me feel good (and I am sure that it is the same about other people around the world).

link Hardyk   - Reply

heyyyyy!!!!! Happy birthday David. I am really impressed with your work in this specific episode.

link Levi   - Reply

One of your best, David! The drawing is jawdroppingly gorgeous, especially the reflections (fittingly enough), and the scenes in the rain. Wonderful stuff!

link XanderLeaDaren   - Reply

Well, to be honest, your art is not the only reason İ’m following you since years now. The altruistic message and positive values you inject in Pepper’s behaviour is also a fresh window in the current productions where individualism and fight are placed high.

So happy birthday to you, happiness & everything around you, and keep up the good work!

link Vinay   - Reply

Happy birthday! Glad Pepper really is Pepper again! Just surprised she could hear someone crossing the sound barrier, as the dragon was approaching her. But that's magic after all :)!

link Châu   - Reply

Sound is from shock wave create from dragon travel supersonic speed for get near Pepper. But dragon must slow for catch Pepper (travel near same speed) because danger from touch/impact object have big different speed . Example Pepper travel high sub sonic speed 300 m/s, dragon very low supersonic speed 350 m/s, ∆v = 50 m/s or 180 km/hr, race car speed.

link Senkin   - Reply

Oof, I was very worried there for a moment. As we know from Granny Weatherwax, cackling is always a worrying sign. Glad Pepper realised her mistake in time. I hope things work out well for her and Wasabi. This new dragon-riding character seems nice.

link Moini   - Reply

Wow, what an athmospheric episode! And beautiful reasoning behind it.

Thank you for all the magic 🪄 🐈 🧹, David, and a very happy (belated) birthday! 🎂

link saunder smarshal   - Reply

Happy Birthday!

link mlop   - Reply

Encore un super épisode merci beaucoup ! Il me fait penser à Avatar : le dernier maitre de l'air, quand la bande est crevée et doit voler jour et nuit sur Appa pour échapper aux 3 nanas de la nation du feu.

Bravo pour ces ambiances que tu crées, je rejoins Moini sur l’atmosphère.
L'instant où elle voit son reflet est très fort, et la trame suivante, où elle est choquée de se voir ainsi, donne l'impression que son reflet est resté "dark Pepper", comme si il ne la suit plus, qu'il prend un autre chemin, qu'il a sa propre existence. Ou alors c'est elle qui symboliquement se désolidarise de sa "destinée" de méchante sorcière. En tout cas comme d'hab j'adore.

Joyeux anniversaire avec 3 jours de retard du coup ^^'

link stéphanie   - Reply

Just on time before the end of school year ! My pupils gave an enthusiastic welcome to this episode. They enjoy your drawing skills and the story. "Il dessine trop bien !"
Thank you for your work. As a teacher, I appreciate using it. It's a good support for the kids to discover English. As a reader, I like the plot and the characters.
Have a sunny summer, we're waiting eagerly for episode 36 !

link Deevad Author, - Reply

🤩 Thank you very much for all the comments! 😻

link Carrot   - Reply

I love this storie !
Happy birthday !

link Pepper   - Reply

I love Pepper and Carrot !

link Nina   - Reply

Happy birthday David! This is one of the best episodes ever! I think real heroes are those who the courage to stay true to themselves and admit when they have made mistakes or strayed off their moral compass.

I really like how you made Carrot look sad when Pepper said, "We'll soon be rid of them!" That said volumes about Carrot silently objecting to Pepper's killing intent. I think Pepper would really been out of her character if she went through with her plans to kill the dragon.

I really look forward to how Pepper and Master Wasabi talk this out next episode. Keep up the good work!

link Shaden   - Reply

J'ai aimer l' épisode 35 J' ai hâte à l' épisode 36 continuer comme ça.

link Shaden   - Reply

Bonne fête avec 7 jour de retard

link Mark Munroe   - Reply

First of all, Happy Belated Birthday. Not everyone makes it to forty.

Also, I can't believe I've almost missed this chapter. Not only was it good...No, correction, it was excellent. I think most can relate to Pepper is because she is like most of us; faults and all, who doesn't have much; is overlooked; feels like a loser while everyone rises up in the world. Yet, she still perceivers, and because of this, she earns true friends and admirers. If I must say one thing, she need to stop trying so hard.

As an aspiring artist, I am trying to find my own art style, and you are amongst my list of favorite artists. Finally, I have taken a break from my writing fiction to overcome my writer's block. Hopefully, new story ideas will come.

Thanks, and stay safe!

link Nora   - Reply

I am so excited to see you posting new episodes! I can't wait to see what happens next in the story!

link as   - Reply


link katia   - Reply

I loooooove Pepper & Carrot! It’s magic! :-D


link Katherine   - Reply

Absolutely gorgeous art...need to catch up on this comic. Happy Birthday!

link Zeta Syanthis   - Reply

Aaaaaaaa! This is so cute! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

link J   - Reply

It's awesome!

link Toutou   - Reply


link anonyme   - Reply

Félicitations pour David Revoy !
J'adore les dessins et les histoires de Pepper et Carrot !
Merci , merci beacoup !

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Merci 💕

link Antho   - Reply

J'ai trouvé le premier album dans un bac à soldes, je l'ai pris direct car j'ai adoré les illustrations, c'est magnifique !
Je l'ai ensuite lu avec mes enfants et j'ai adoré les histoires. Quel beau travail !
Je découvre aujourd'hui le site et l'état d'esprit tout autour, comme pourrait le dire Pepper, chapeau !!
Je viens de passer ma soirée à lire et contempler tout les épisodes que je ne connaissais pas et je vais aller acheter les autres albums dispos dans mes librairies indépendantes locales pour les enfants.
Merci pour tout ça, longue vie à Pepper et Carrot !

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Alors là, un grand grand merci!
Ca me reboost après un Dimanche un peu morne.
Bon début de semaine à vous!

link Abhiniti   - Reply

Happy birthday 🎉🎉🎂. Plz upload some more episode I really liked it. I will eagerly wait for your new episode.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Thank you!
I'm working on it 👍

link GenericGuyNotWorthRemembering   - Reply

I was just planning to check what this comic was about, but before I knew it I was speedrunning through the whole thing. 10/10, great comic! Really looking forward to the next chapter!

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