Derivation: Pepper&Carrot book1 in German by Ondrej Brinkel

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Here is a new printed derivation of Pepper&Carrot comic: the German version by Ondrej Brinkel. This version reuses the open book-publishing Git repository made for the official English version and also use the same POD service: DriveThruComics. If you want to know more, Ondrej details better his motivations and the process on his blog:

I want to thanks Ondrej here because he was the first one using the book-publishing Git repository and so, he collected on his process all paper-cuts.

But thanks to that, the repository bugs were fixed, it can now run in Docker to compile the CMYK pages, and the README was enhanced. A really good cleaning Ondrej participated actively. He also kept communicating with the project since November 2020 and bought two print-proof to get a perfect result. No doubt his work on the repository will ease the usage for future publishers who want to take the same way.

Also, Ondrej proposed to send me a part of the benefits. So, if you want this version in German language, I can only encourage you to buy it! 😻

Also: special thanks to all German translator on Pepper&Carrot, full credits here.

Photo credits: A collage+txt David Revoy made of photos sent by Ondrej Brinkel. CC-By.