Livrestream for the Matrix Foundation (today)

It's today and Carrot is ready! 😺

In few hours, my demo for the Matrix Foundation will start. Wednesday 2021-03-10 6pm UTC, (19h00 in Paris; 6pm London; 1pm in New York; 10am in L.A.)

All info:


And the replay is available here!

Thanks to all of you who saw the live! I had a good time.

(Fan-art of The Matrix, a property of Warner Bros.)

License: "Livrestream for the Matrix Foundation (today)" by David Revoy − Published under fair-use. This artwork contains references to copyrighted elements.
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link Urikki  

I don't even know how to write this without being misunderstood. But I'll give it a try, because I'm sure I'm missing the point, but I'm really interested.

I am very fascinated by how you have improved your painting skills in each pepperandcarrot episode. Or is it the workflow? I'm not sure. I was then very surprised that you already painted works like "Alice in Wonderland", "Ellie", or even "Peacock Dragon" around 2010. I'm not an artist, so I can not judge, but it somehow has the impression that you now paint pepperandcarrot at a level that you have already achieved in 2010 in the field of illustrations or portraits.

I hope you understand how I mean that. As I said, I am not an artist. I would just be interested to know how you see your work from 2010-2013 compared to pepperandcarrot today.

link David Revoy Author,

Hey, don't worry :) I totally get it and no problem. It's a very good observation you do.
To understand what's going on, it's just a matter of time spent: a piece around 2010 could take me between 20h or 40h of work. A single picture.
It's a big budget and it gave me time to make plenty of changes, adapt, tweak, paint-over until getting something as I wanted.

On Pepper&Carrot, it's another problematic: I can't spent this time budget on each panels... that would be exhausting and would take 6month to produce an episode. So, I started to learn another way to paint and draw (testing everything that can get me quicker to the result I have in mind). Line-art, inking, speedpainting. I'm exploring but most of my exploration always tries to emulate what I was able to do in the past in 30h, but with a 3h budget now :) I'm training the drawing underneath, the first colors selected, etc... And slowly I hope I'll improve Pepper&Carrot.

But true; back in 2014 when I started Pepper&Carrot that was really difficult to me; I built before that a very technical portfolio, a real care on a art direction; and suddently I felt I had to start again with my skill and had to show all my weakness for faces, expressions, anatomy, etc... And I still have so much to practice :-)

link Urikki  

Thank you very much for your long explanation. That was a very interesting insight and now its much more clearer for me.

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