The Fairy Fir tree - Krita timelapse

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I compressed the 6h (or more) of recorded video for an illustration into a 8min timelapse. Honnestly, the artwork could have been done twice faster; but I made 'small' mistakes on the first steps of the making-of (maybe I wanted to go too fast?). Main mistakes: no consistent light direction on foreground and background + wanting to hide the special effect to the end for the tree decoration and finding midway the result is not in my taste anymore. Lessons I learnt on this one: block the keylight more seriously on the underpainting (a layer I tend to be very distracted by all the yummy colors and ambiant possibilities). All of that made me paint-over 3 or 4 times area... But the end illustration is fine, so I thought it was interesting to share the process and annotate to show the mistakes. I hope you'll like this!

Youtube link:
The video might also be uploaded on the Peertube channel "Shichimi":

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link zeograd   - Reply

It's now on peertube too:
Thanks for sharing more knowledge bits like this :)

link No2Fan   - Reply

Awesome work. Happy Holidays.

link Châu   - Reply

This is first time watch how you start art. Very cool you can draw body with clothes direct. Many time I need draw action line, then line frame for body pose, then basic 3D shape for body part, then add clothes, then start detail. ¡You very impress me!

link Varvara   - Reply

Impressive!👍 Mistakes are proof that you are trying.

link Robb   - Reply

About the 'glove mistake': when you've been hiking in the snow for 10 to 15 minutes, you tend to get really hot and usually the gloves are not needed anymore, so... not a mistake! ;-)

Thanks a lot for sharing your work and your process!

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