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That's a really nice drawing. I see only fineliner, no pencil sketching. Did you do that in one single go? I bought all four books with a hard cover. Of course I already know the stories but it is always nice to go through them again and I appreciate the mellow comfort reading from paper. And obviously I'm really curious about that fourth book. Above all, I'm just so glad it all worked out in the end. After all the challenges, frustrations and pioneering work, the world is finally going to see the first series of true open source comic books (in actual print)!

link David Revoy Author,

Thank you @Vinay for the huge support via patronage and your nice words about the book publishing project.

About the technique for the drawing above, I started with a quick thumbnail on a yellow post-it with a ballpen; to catch as quick as possible the idea. Then, when I had time, I cut a piece of paper and made a sketch with a dry "H" pencil ; without using pressure to not crease the paper. It was easier to sketch than starting from scratch because I had the tiny sketch on yellow post-it paper to see what was necessary, and I could anticipate the part challenging in this drawing: the pose of Pepper with tilted head, and mini ladder for Carrot to be on the level of the caldron. Easier but not easy; I had to flip my paper because the composition wasn't good looking and started another one. The final sketch had just volumes with wireframe central lines and for the 404 I drew line to split the shadow and light part because I knew I wanted to put a crosshatched color on the shadow. I put a bit more precision (a second pass with pencil) for the hand, the face and the pose. A light pencil (or digital) temporary structure is always necessary for me to plan an artwork. If I would drew it directly, I could probably draw Pepper or Carrot, on a classic eye-level view, adding random objects thrown together but never I could draw a scene with elements of storytelling and composition that make sens. The paper is a bit thick with 220g/m² and has a subtle grain, so the ink (with this STABILO point88 pen in black and bright-green) was drank by the paper quickly. Then the sketch was perfectly removed with a kneaded eraser after inking because the H pencil at low pressure is nothing difficult to remove. That's all :)

link Vinay  

Thanks a lot for the explanation David. I was already expecting some thin lines to at least help with perspective and proportions. But I couldn't find them, now I understand why!

The books are already on my way and should arrive early next week. So cool!

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