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link David Revoy  

Hey! Here is a new episode in the continuation of the episode 31 where Pepper tries to use her new diploma. You might feel a RPG/high-fantasy influence in this one; this is a universe I love to parody. This episode is a "part 1" of a series of episodes I wrote in January, at a time where every medias around were not surrounded with news about Covid19 and confinement... I really thought midway in the process about rewriting and adapting the episodes to this thing that affect us all... but then I preferred to follow my story-line because that was what made me forget a bit about it. I hope I'll transmitted that during the couple of minutes you'll take to read it.

This episode was a real little challenge: the crowded scene with soldiers, metallic armors, horses and new character design... but I really enjoyed the full process from the first line typed into the markdown in January until the last painting stroke yesterday during the night.

I take a religious care about getting the names correctly written in the credits, this not an automatic process and still a very manual way with many copy/paste and reading all your comments. I'm totally amazed Pepper&Carrot has now more than 1000 supporters. Thank you thank you thank you! I want to thanks also the contributors who were around during proofreading, corrections and took many initiative to save me 1h here and there during the process. You all rocks! Let's start the part 2 of the Battlefield now :-)

link Nicolas Carrier  

Just read it with my daughter, excellent as always ^^

link Jane  

Love it! Especially when Pepper tried a different new look in order to be taken seriously. She looks so grown-up! 👍 Hope she can use her new appearance again in the future for only when things gets serious, just in case!

link Martin  

It's great that the process works for you, I like it too. Starting with the markdown transcript really helped get the dialog right quickly from the start.

link Mark Munroe  

Loved this episode, and thanks for posting it. In this time of the pandemic that has everyone wary, we need such a pleasant distraction.

Please take care and hope that this dark shroud we are under will go soon. Peace.

link Erik  

Loved it, also Carrot with the toilet roll beneath the comic is hilarious.

link Sven  

One of my favorite episodes so far (yup, huge RPG-fan here)! Kinda like "Pepper conquers the Iron Throne" ;-)
Hope to see more of this kind of post-graduation Pepper in the future.

Greetings from Tokyo - Everybody please stay healthy and be genki.

link Luch4  

"A witch of Chaosah worth the title mast command fear, obedience and respect" - said Thyme in episore 11. And only now Pepper understood that it is so. She should to hear her godmothers. Just look at this funy girlie in the begin! I would not trust her with a puppy, and not just take part in a battle. Why do we always learn only from our own mistakes?..

link Vinay  

I like this one. I don't recall I've ever seen an episode with so many non-magical people (unless these warriors are wizards too, of course). Is this even on Hereva?

Now that Pepper has grown up and graduated, I just hope she continues to add that twist of fun and love to whatever she does and doesn't change her identity in order to please or impress others. It clearly didn't work out here either ;). I think my favorite episode continues to be the birthday party where she exercises black magic to summon some seemingly dangerous creatures just to have friends around. I absolutely love that one. Don't be preoccupied by traditional perceptions of right and wrong. If intentions are good, it is good.

And now I wonder how all this works out in the next episodes. My best guess is that all warriors from both sides meet in the middle of battleground and have a picknick just because that's Peppers perception of the best outcome you can have in a conflict :).

link Andy  

Loved it! Really fun and funny episode. Also, the art is superb as always. Her "cool" witch look reminds me of some Sintel concept art. :D

link Jeffry Willis  

I do like the expensive look for Pepper.

link David Revoy Author,

Thanks! I have sometime character (the Mayor of Komona during the contest) non magical; but it's true this episode show more male character and non magical character than in all the previous 31 episodes together. The Birthday party is also my favorite I could really twist the ending a lot in this one :-) Your right to guess a twist will happens to the battle for the next episode. I hope I'll bring a good twist.

link David Revoy Author,

Yes, this is typical from Pepper: she learns only what she think is useful. What a shortcut if she applied the "fear, obedience and respect" on this episode! Thank you for remembering this sentence of episode 11! It's important about Chaosah.

link Anony  

Je n'ai pas encore trouvé de réponse satisfaisante mais ton style arrive toujours à toucher toutes mes cordes sensibles :)
A chaque fois que je vois une de ces planches et boom ! C'est comme prendre une grande bouffée d'air frais haha !

Très joli travail, comme d'habitude

link lemongirl  

Im in love with pepper (again) i love your work.

link awk_auk  

Wonderful and beautiful, as always :)

link greyshades  

I just discovered this comic about a month after I downloaded Krita for the first time and I have to say it's absolutely beautiful. I read it all from the beginning. It's interesting to see what kind of character Pepper fleshes out to be. I'm terrible at drawing and this comic is a real inspiration for me. Thank you.

link Alex  

Hi! I really liked this episode!

Do you still provide the source code files?

link Alex  

ok I found them now... I was looking on the framagit.

link Generic_name  

We're no strangers to love
You know the rules and so do I
A full commitment's what I'm thinking of
You wouldn't get this from any other guy
I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling
Gotta make you understand

Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry
Never gonna say goodbye
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

link mavery  

Hello! I just found out about your comic on March 31, just the day this new episode was published! I found out about it on the Krita website, and really like it. ;) I'm looking forward to the next episode.

Just a quick question: why do you use and not just the regular GitLab?

link Misty Tales  

No Pepper, don't give up now! If you're going for the intimidating look, you've gotta DEMAND that they take you on! After all, you went all the way there just for them, you deserve to at least be heard out!

link mavery  

Hello David! I just found out about your comic in time for this episode, and already have read the series through five times! ;) It is really nice that you are bringing the free and opensource mentality to literature too. I'm looking forward to reading the next episode.

A quick question: why do you use and not just plain GitLab?

link Random  

Nice touch with the face masks, TP, and hand sanitizer on the credit page.

link David Revoy Author,

Thank you Mavery! About the choice of Framagit over Gitlab (Framagit runs an instance of the same software than Gitlab, at least the open-source edition) during my escape from Github just before Microsoft bought it; it was about multiple factors: Gitlab is a big 100 Million $ company with a buisness model based on the open core strategy. You can't really discuss with them as a free/libre and open source project (unless having the size of GNOME maybe?). They host on Google Cloud; and so they are compliant with their terms. That makes the service inaccessible to users from Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria, due to sanctions (copied from Wikipedia, the list wasn't in my mind xD). Being hosted on the server of the free/libre activist association Framasoft has a more human scale. I can discuss the decision or get information from the sysadmin directly. I have also access to all features (private repo). But, they'll probably close their instance next year in a effort to downscale their infrastructure to a more human scale (they are unsure about Framagit), but I'm sure -in extremis- I'll be able to request a copy of the data and attempt to self-host a "Herevagit" somewhere.

link David Revoy Author,


link David Revoy Author,

:-) Yes, the sources are a bit split:
First part on Framagit (a Gitlab instance) for the SVG with speechbubbles that require to be versioned and collaborative.
The second part , artworks, is hosted directly on the server. This episode weight almost 1GB for the art; I can't imagine it on a versionning system.

link David Revoy Author,


link David Revoy Author,


link Jon  

I think this technically counts as cosplaying herself.

link mavery  

Thanks David! I host my software on GitLab ( ), but you've almost convinced me to move myself... ;)

link David Revoy Author,

Cool repo! I'll test the games :)

link David Revoy Author,


link Y2k18  

I'll keep hope the new ep's will be come speedy. Fuckin' corona for others will be good reason for you imho, yep. :D. Also, I opened to myself your comics just only a few time ago, and dat comics make me happy. :) Rly good ep's. Thx you, yeah!

2nd also what you think about wiki translate? 'cose some details of certain characters don't showed on comics directly, but I think your fans wanna be known about it, not known about other peoples, but I want.

Thx u man for very well comics, it's amazing! *with translate, of course. :D.

link David Revoy Author,

Next one might comes a little bit quicker; but not for next week too: I still need 1,5 month of work per episode full time. But this time, I have the scenario for episode 33 ready, 80% of the concept art ready for episode 33 and a drawing/painting method I enjoyed. Other factors that might slow down this process will be the tax time, the book-publishing project (I still inject a lot of time refactoring it) and the reboot of the video tutorials.

About the Wiki translation, I prefer to keep it in English. It still receive updates and right now it is the main resource for coordinating derivations. Translators would struggle to follow the changes.

Thank you very much for your comment!

link Random Fan  

I really love your webcomics!Hope next ep. will be catchy;).

link Anna  

C’est la BD plus belle que j’ai lus 😀📒

link David Revoy Author,

❥ Merci!

link kesatria sughani  

you are my teacher

link Mona  

From steampunk to goth... Amazing!

link Nina  

I really find this episode very funny and relatable. Pepper's normal outfit reminds me of the typical new college graduate who's just landed a new job and must fit into corporate culture, while her new intimidating outfit reminds me of someone who appears so professional to the point she can charge high rates (and be considered overqualified by some HR people!) I especially love how the horses' facial expressions match those of their owners. I don't know who's more scared of Pepper's new look: the captain or his horse.

On a deeper level, the captain makes me think of how some (not all!) men can judge young women based solely on their apperance yet are intimidated by powerful, mature women. Kind of sad to think about it.

link Misty_Tales  

Sorry, forgot a comma after the 'No'.

link Hajar  

I looove the art of this episode amazing ..

link Smog  

Then she whipes off the cloak and says "ha HA, it was me all along sucker's!"

link GR  

How many comics will be in this arc? I am guessing 3-5.

link David Revoy Author,

2 Episodes for sure: I knew while writing that the production of them would be exhausting (many soldiers, reaction shot, wide shots...but I really wanted this theme) so I limited myself to not write a too long arc.

link poeut  

Well there is Git LFS (, but it seems to require some configuration, especially if you want to host the sources on Framasoft servers.

link David Revoy Author,

Thanks. Yes, I tested it and I concluded I'll not start to play with Git external module for flexibility of the repo and to keep it simple as much as I can. On some repo of Pepper&Carrot, I used just a Bash script with a list of wget URL to retrieve the GB of large files (and added their path to the gitignore so they are not commited by mistake). Not ideal, but for optional large source file that doesn't really need versioning it sort of work :D

link Silver  

The world you have created is very very beautiful.

link Shlomi Fish ("Rindolf")  

Thanks for all your work.

The tactic that Pepper took (inspired by Carrot) kind of reminds me of the "Atwood's duck" one mentioned here: , only it may have had the somewhat opposite effect (but still effective). Also I personally find the pseudo-grownup and mysterious look much sexier.

(I also appreciate you going with your original plan for the plot.)

link Fanny  

This is so well done... and so funny at the end!

link David Revoy Author,

Thank you very much Fanny (for all the comments during your reading) 😻

link Mellro  

Honestly this is so accurate to how employers react to people who are skilled without a degree, compared to people who have a full PHD/ masters. Either you're skilled enough for the job but they consider you "underqualified" because you didnt spend years and money chasing a degree to "prove" your skills.. Or, you did put in the effort, but now you're "overqualified." No job will take you on account of how intimidating your resume looks, because it implies you actually know the value of your labor and wont be tricked into doing the same work for less pay.

link Maria Schneider  

Totally nailed that ending! Humor, twist, irony, truth.

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