Pepper cosplay by Duda

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I was happy to receive last week a little sunshine: the photos of the cosplay of Pepper made by Duda from Brazil, 11 years old. Look at those details! The potion, the clothes, the hat!.. It's a really top quality work that probably took her a lot of time. Shooting the photos in a sunny forest was also a very good idea. It reminds me the setting and ambiant of the episode 26: "Books are Great", one of my favorite. Here are words from Duda to all the fans:

" I like the story of Pepper&Carrot, there is no violence in it and it shows always the bright side of things in a world full of violence. Thank you for having this story translated into many languages! 😘 🇧🇷 " ~ Duda.

Thank you very much Duda for this second cosplay of Pepper!

(Notes: I'm reposting here the photos with her parent's permission, please do not reuse this pictures under an open license.)

License: "Pepper cosplay by Duda" by David Revoy − Copyrighted (do not reuse without explicit permission).
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