Economist dragon

Here is a small economist dragon; a random inspiration but an idea I had in mind for Pepper&Carrot about the ones who rule "The Market". I'm playing here with the stereotype of the "greedy red dragon" (more often depicted on the top of a treasure of gold and inside a cave). The drawing was ready on my digital sketchbook and I spent the afternoon to color it for testing workflows. I was looking for a gouache type of rendering I could do quickly enough for episode 32. For my constraints, I wanted to keep a subtle line-art and to not over detail part that are not into focus. This experiment was also just an excuse to play with Krita and take a break while I still work on other things that require mainly just a keyboard.

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link Bernhard M. Wiedemann   - Reply

I like how the economics newspaper is a scroll.

But somehow the dragon cheek looks strange.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Thanks! Yes, maybe it looks inflated and a too hard surface. During this expression of surprise; something with the skin more relaxed could work better.

link Felis   - Reply

Je suis amoureuse de vos dessins. A chaque fois, c'est du bonbon pour les yeux!

link David REVOY Author, - Reply


link CuLtO   - Reply

Très joli ! On a l'impression de voir un personnage de Blacksad :)

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Wow ! Merci, c'est un gros compliment. C'est une des rares BD franco-belges que j'adore sur tous les plans: mise en scène, ambiance et colorisation, jeux d'acteur, écriture, design, cadrage, etc... etc... Un monument !

link Châu   - Reply

May be use business clothes from 16th or 17th century France or Netherland for more medieval style.

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