Grisaille study

I'm still in my experimentations with brushes and workflow. I'm filling litteraly my computer with sketches (I went out of disc space this week! Time to migrate to a larger SSD and archive things too...). Among the tests; this one had more potential than the other and I decided to take a little time to details it and share.

I'm not super happy with the volumes of the eyes and I find the design in general a bit goofy with this big sea shell on the side of her head, but all of that was part of the test to see how react this type of surfaces in contrast to skin or hair under my new brushes (and also if the edges of the base drawing resists to the shading and painting, or if it goes worst).

I also received this morning the feedback I was waiting for on the book project and a sample sent by my printer that took a bit long to be delivered at my house. Good: things are moving. Slower than I would like for sure, but it does.

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link fnareoh   - Reply

Le coquillage me fait pensé à des cornes de bélier ! J'aime beaucoup toutes les dernières expérimentations !

link Anonymouse   - Reply

This is really well done!

link Anonymous   - Reply

Whooo mazette qu'elle est jolie !

link nibaldo   - Reply

me gusta que tu arte demuestra que no es necesario un software pagado para realizar un buen trabajo, excelente, por favor sigue con esto y con mas tutoriales XD.

link awk_auk   - Reply


link Karkass   - Reply

Is really a beautifull work, nicely done.

link davdav   - Reply

Trèèèès beau !
Bientôt dans le shop ?
Le seul petit truc qui me dérange, c'est l'impression que le pendentif du front n'est pas vraiment centré entre les deux yeux.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Ha, true, this part could be improved; I'll try to take more care about this type of details in future piece.
Thanks for the nice words; yep, I added it yesterday on the eshop :)

link Levi   - Reply

Honestly, this is beautiful. I know you probably won't return to this character, but I wish you would. The design is just so unique, makes me think of some sort of princess.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Thanks! Mmm.. I'll keep it in a corner of my brain in case I need a design for a princess in Pepper&Carrot.

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