Sketchbook during Krita Sprint 2019

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Hey! I'm back after a small week at the Krita Sprint 2019 (Deventer, Netherlands). You probably saw already photos about our large group this year (eg. Mastodon link here) and I guess you'll probably read in the coming days a detailed reports about the Sprint on the blog of itself. So! I'll skip writing a detail report about our discussions and I'll focus my blog post around my sketchbook and more precisely about the sketches done since I started to travel on Tuesday.

I drew various random ideas, various tests and various quality; some were done during meetings, some other on the side of my plate at restaurants, some other in plane, train or even while walking into a guided tour of a museum. You can click any picture to get a better resolution. Again a big thanks to all participants I met on the Krita sprint of this year, I had a very good time.

top: Pepper finding a 'prince frog' and Cumin affraid about it. bottom: ideas of fantasy animals.(from imagination)

Top: another fantasy animal, a Saffran, Middle: a sleeping female fox, Bottom: Pepper fighting a Jelly-Monster.(from imagination)

observations at the the Netherlands Open Air Museum, during the guided tour (real life ref)

more notes during guided tour (real life ref)

Animals during guided tour (real life ref, observation)

On the afternoon, a watercolor of a windmill on blue paper with white gouache

Another view of previous painting

An attempt at a shaded scene (from imagination) including a Pepper with another haircut, a school uniform and her bag.

A study of pose from imagination, constrain of force and acting, plus few notes on a discussion about Krita.

A collections of four random portraits to get "outside of comfort zone"; changing proportion, style. (from imagination)

Young boy with pig; unfinished (from imagination)

License: "Sketchbook during Krita Sprint 2019" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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