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Here is a bunch of old Al.chemy character design sketches and doodles. They was sleeping in a folder within a lot more, so I decided to post here the 10 more interresting in my opinion. Most of them are done with the mirror modifier in Alchemy. Nowadays, I didn't use Alchemy for months since Krita got the mirror modifier too and better painting tools. More sketch soon ( I transformed the Work in Progress category on this blog for a 'Sketch/WIP/Speed' category ).

License: "Alchemy sketchbook" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
Tags:  #artworks  #symmetry  #alchemy   | Download: Markdown


link Trébla  

J'ai une préférence pour le robot (3ieme dessin)

joli travail préparatoire en tout cas

link Erick  

i get scared how you can do it on alchemy. i'm your fan.

link REVOY David  

@Trébla : Merci :)

@Eric : Thanks !

link nezumi  

Love alchemy but is kind of dead already... Sad thing. Still using it though. Got a question - any idea when more or less Krita will be available for Windows? I saw some notes that there is a plan doing it with new release - youre probably well informed ;) Not looking for specyfic date - just something. I hope it will since mirror modifier works exceptionaly well in 2d!

link REVOY David  

@nezumi : I have no idea, but I will meet the Krita team during 3 days next weeks in Amsterdam for the "Krita Sprint 2011". I will blog post fresh news at this moment, and I will ask about a windows release ( but as far as I know, for the moment I don't know any coder able or interrested into window porting/packaging around the project ).

link nezumi  

Thx for an answer. On I saw that bit:
"Pierre Stirnweiss> fixed compilation of Krita with Microsoft Visual C++ -- one day we will get Krita packages on windows!" and I would love to see krita on win as I am.... khmmm... "linux challenged" ;)

link Taposy Rabeya  

Oh Oh I am so worth full these are awesome!! how beautiful these are! Thanks for sharing …

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