Podcast: Digital Strips review of Pepper&Carrot

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In the episode 539 of the Podcast "Digital Strips" (the first webcomic podcast!) Pepper&Carrot had a long review (starting at 4:00min to the end at 21min). I loved the review and all the cool feedback. Thank you very much for all the nice words and how you noticed all the little efforts I put into each episodes (the credits, the muted episodes, etc). I spent a very good time listening it!

I also agreed with a critic about the pose of Camomille (the Racoon girl of the Hippiah magic) on the last panel of episode 22. I admit I haven't put a lot of thought in it and the tail and skirt was looking a lot as she was showing her bottom to the audience... Mea Culpa; I think I just wanted to only depict for her a 'Marylin' pose, seducing audience with roses and winds under. I understand the uncomfort and I felt it too when I saw it after listening the show. That's why I decided to commit a fix about it and re-render all languages with the fix (art-pack krita files updated too). It's already all online. This feedback was really useful and you were right: it is totally not in the tone of Pepper&Carrot. I hope the change feels better. Thank you again for the feedback!

Fixing the tail and skirt of Camomille in episode 22