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This is a tutorial about my precious 'single layer shading' technique I invented while doing research on Pepper&Carrot. I explain how to setup the layer stack around the 'Hard Light' blending mode, how to use the inherit alpha and how to fill the layer with a mid-gray value (mid-gray is equal to fully transparant for Hard Light). I then demo the flexibility of this rigg by shading side by side three time the same character over various backgrounds with different ambiants (a night scene, a sunlight scene and a scene inside a forest)...

Video and artworks by David Revoy
- (Timelapse) "Perspective" by Kevin McLeod / (CC-By)
- (Intro) "New Age B" by Frank Nora (Public Domain)

Edited with Kdenlive 18.12appimage on GNU/Linux Kubuntu 18.04. I'm using Krita 4.1.5appimage on the video with a Cintiq13HD. Microphone: a Samson Meteor condenser. Webcam: a Logitech Pro C920. Recording software OBS studio (from ppa).

You can find (soon) also this tutorial on Peertube:

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License: CC-BY David Revoy,, .

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link Touhoppai   - Reply

The peertube is now up too:

link Yumiko   - Reply

I really like your artwork, especially lineart.
Could you tell me which brush you used to draw the artwork in the above video(shading tutorial for comics using Krita)?
Did you use Ink-5_Pen_Irregular?
I am using Ink-4_Pen_rough that you might have recommended before.
If you have any reasons why you are using Ink-5_Pen_Irregular, could you share them with us?
Thank you so much for your awesome tutorials!!!

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