Shading tutorial for comics

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This is a tutorial about my precious 'single layer shading' technique I invented while doing research on Pepper&Carrot. I explain how to setup the layer stack around the 'Hard Light' blending mode, how to use the inherit alpha and how to fill the layer with a mid-gray value (mid-gray is equal to fully transparant for Hard Light). I then demo the flexibility of this rigg by shading side by side three time the same character over various backgrounds with different ambiants (a night scene, a sunlight scene and a scene inside a forest)...

Video and artworks by David Revoy
- (Timelapse) "Perspective" by Kevin McLeod / (CC-By)
- (Intro) "New Age B" by Frank Nora (Public Domain)

Edited with Kdenlive 18.12appimage on GNU/Linux Kubuntu 18.04. I'm using Krita 4.1.5appimage on the video with a Cintiq13HD. Microphone: a Samson Meteor condenser. Webcam: a Logitech Pro C920. Recording software OBS studio (from ppa).

You can find (soon) also this tutorial on Peertube:

License: "Shading tutorial for comics" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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