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I'm happy to announce I'll be in Lyon for the JdLL! The JdLL (French acronym for "Days of Free/Libre Software") is a weekend of conferences over the 6 and 7 April at Maison Pour Tous - Salle des Rancy, 249 rue Vendôme, Lyon - France (here).

You will meet me there:

  • On Saturday afternoon on the booth of the Framasoft authors with Stéphane Crozat, Gee and Yann Kervran. I'll sign and draw on your Pepper&Carrot comics books if you take them with you (I'll not bring comic books to buy with me). I'll propose you to buy my original Inktober 2017 drawings and I'll also print Pepper&Carrot Ex-Libris for this event. It will be for those who forgot or don't have their comic-books.
  • On Sunday morning, 11h to 13h, I'll be the guest of a conference on the subject of "Free culture and its financing" within a panel of guests. Are announced; the president of the Association Wikimedia France and a sociologist to speak about this theme with me, but hard to say or quote names as I'm not finding this item on the official schedule yet. But I'm confident it will appear within the next days.

So, see you in Lyon? Link and more information on the JdLL official website.

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link Eloutre   - Reply

man , I'm so happy! I'm from Lyon and I work for the event of JdLL! :D I didn't know you come (so happy!)
It's thanks to you if I have a better understanding of krita! :) (sorry my english is not good^^")

I really hope I can talk with you during the event :) (about drawing, digital painting...)

See ya! =)

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