Dream To-Do List progress: 100 fan-arts!

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Yaaaaaay! Yesterday you made this dream from my Dream To-Do List come true!

Fan-art #100 was sent by the therapist of a nine years old boy with dyslexia. The boy started to get interest in books while reading Pepper&Carrot with the therapist, who then bought the French version of the book during a trip to France. They played together trying to guess the text. She sent me very touching and detailed feedback along with this artwork, and that's why this fan-art feels so special to me :)

Anyhow, If I look at all the fan-arts, they all have a special place in my heart and all have unique backstories. So, a special thanks again to all the artists who sent them: Yalyn Vinkindo, Anastasia Mayzhegisheva, Arne, Tharinda Divakara, Coyau, RJQuiraltæ, Cfdev, Kari Lehto, Jesse Chris, Mei Yeom, Mei Yeom, Magda, Uncle night, Tessou, Will, Minh, JRocky, Neotheta, Chalo, Jana Kusch, Tyson Tan, Jana Kusch, Nicolas Artance, Stephan Bored, Aetoras, Burton Benj, Fabian Roque, Joern Konopka, Eirexe, Alca Torda, M1dgard and M1dori, Ismael Rojas, Cj Kolobok, Jay Wenegieme, Lucas Gelves, Bollebib, CupcakeAmande, Bruno Bellamy, Antti Hakosaari, Nikolai Mamashev, Alex Dalt, jean f, Patridb, Alice, Chloe, Baptiste Gavalda, Cmaloney, Raccoon Sama, Uyen Duong, Moochacinno, Ponder studio net, Roderick Gladwish, O J Fidelino, Damar Indra, heki9, Tom Doyle, Lal Kek, Jazambuja, Loentar, Pierre Sanchez, white fox 331, Jules, Schmuzart, Gucun, Sira313, Yalyn Vinkindo, Crecs, Saskia, Valvin, Caio Santos, markpajo, Seth Richard, flutterbest, Alina The Hedgehog, Chloé H, Lenialdz, John Wheel, Lilbooktopus, Ota Sam, SLywnow, Viraelin, Bazza, Nina, SLywnow, Lucie, Fabian Roque, and an anonymous 9-year-old boy!

You can check the full fan-art gallery here
(PS: you can still send new ones!)

License: "Dream To-Do List progress: 100 fan-arts!" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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