No Inktober 2018 but a trilogy

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Digital inking on a Wacom Cintiq 13HD, Krita on Kubuntu 18.04

Hi! It's October and many artists around the world started the Inktober challenge. I completed this challenge twice already (you can browse the artworks of last year here). But this year, I decided I won't participate in the Inktober challenge: I'll keep working hard on the future episodes of Pepper&Carrot. The future episodes are rather ambitious and I need to maximize my available time for them. I'm working on a new arc; a trilogy of episodes happening in the city of Qualicity with Pepper, Coriander and Shichimi as main characters. I named this trilogy The coronation of Coriander. So, may that be my Inktober challenge: deliver episode 27 before the end of the month! Thank you for your patience.

License: "No Inktober 2018 but a trilogy" by David Revoy −
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link jfleray  

J'attends avec impatience !
J'aime tout ce que vous faites !
Encore !!!

link Ned  

si je puis me permettre : "I won't" et non pas "I'll not"
sinon pareil, hâte de lire de nouveaux épisodes :-)

link Nelson  

Hi, can you recommend some artists you like (and preferably with similar style to yours) which will participate?

Or even which won't... ;> In any case it'd be nice to hear about similar artists.

link Anonymouse  

Darn. There's always next year at least.

link Anonymouse  

Darn. There's always next year at least.

link Adam  

As long as you don't forget to update us on your future non secret/suprise projects and make us think you took a HIATUS out of nowhere, take all the time you need.

link David Revoy  

Hey Adam,
Sure, I need to be less shy and do more update with work in progress on the blog.
That's something I like with Inktober; it forced me to be active on social network, daily.
Without that type of event, I'm the type of artist who post a single toot/tweet per two weeks. xD

link Deevad  

Hi Nelson,
Just follow the #inktober hashtag or #inktober2018 on any social network. You'll find many quality artists cross posting on many networks. My favorite artists are mostly Japanese artist I follow on Twitter. You can find them going on my profile on Twitter, and visiting my 'likes' or the profile I follow. They have really more anime style than I do, but I dream sometime to achieve the same technical level, mood and spontaneous stroke as they do.

link Deevad  

Ha, Merci!

link Deevad  


link SLywnow  

When you have time, check your email, I sent another fan art =)

link Varya  

Oh, at the end of this month we will see a new part of the comix! What a great news! I am really exited :-D

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