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A couple of month ago, I received an email from Richard Stallman who advised me to setup a way to receive donation via bank. That was indeed missing in my alternatives. Bank transfers are protected by banking secrecy and don't require you to sign in a new platform.

Therefore this service is a really good way to send money, especially within Europe where you can transfer without fees, and it is as simple as copy/pasting my IBAN number. If you donate this way; don't forget to add your name; I'll write it at the end of the next episode of Pepper&Carrot!

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link SLywnow   - Reply

Do you check your email ( I sent something there by pepper and carrot.

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

If you sent something between 1st august and 30; I'm slowly catching up replying. In fact, I spent all yesterday afternoon in email box, and today I'll spend a part too.
I worked non-stop last month under the pressure of the move deadline to get house ready, and with an average of 30 to 100 email each day, I have hard time to manage it.
Thanks for your patience!

link SLywnow   - Reply

Okay =)

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

Cool fan-art, thank you!
To the readers: check "Landscape" here:

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