Liberapay is in trouble

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Do you remember Liberapay? I wrote a small article about it when I first joined the platform last year. Dozens of anonymous supporters joined it to support Pepper&Carrot. If you are one of them, thank you!! ... But today Liberapay is in trouble: their payment processor, Mangopay, is throwing them out...

What should you do? Liberapay recommends that every user evacuates the money from their account before July 26th. So, I'm relaying this message here to make sure every supporter of Pepper&Carrot gets the information. Log in to your Liberapay account, and you will get a notification with a longer explanation and instructions on what you do with your account. The Liberapay team also sent an email to every user, but I thought best to help spread the word. You can find more information in this official blog post from the Liberapay team.

On my side, this source of donation really helped because it was regular: weekly rather than triggered by the release of a new episode. For sure, my budget will be affected on the long term by this interruption of service.... but not on the short-term: when I logged in this morning to my Liberapay account, I saw more money than usual, sent by anonymous donors to compensate the interruption of service. So, let me send you a big thank you! I can now focus only on the production of episode 26.

Finally, all my thoughts go to the Liberapay team; that's why I drew this quick illustration this morning. I hope they'll find a new payment processor, more robust and trustworthy, and that they'll be able to continue this beautiful adventure. Be back soon, Liberapay! (but take the necessary time for the refactor) Projects like Pepper&Carrot really need you! ;-)

License: "Liberapay is in trouble" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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