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To be frank, I never really cared about cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin&Co). Managing money is by far the last passion I could develop in my lifetime, so creating new wallets across the web and managing new currencies... no fun for me: I usually skip. I think I just don't have the soul of a manager (my citizen from Deevadcity on SimCity2000 can still attest). But last week-end, I decided to make an exception: I joined a cryptocurrency project: the Ğ1 (pronounced /ʒyn/). The Ğ1 is a cryptocurrency based on the Duniter software. The reasons I was seduced into joining a cryptothing were (sorted by my preferences):

  1. A friend introduced it to me.
  2. Community of friends and known nicknames already part of the members active in my region.
  3. Libre project with a community: all the software, client, communication and tools are available on GitLab.
  4. Built around a concept of Web of Trust, you need to be certified by five members to become a member.
  5. More energy efficient than Bitcoin. Then there is Universal Dividend, math expressions and other things that doesn't really trigger more enthusiasm from me; probably because of my non-money-manager nature. But I'm happy with my top five and I added a Ğ1 button on the front page of Pepper&Carrot to receive donations and also support this relatively new open-source community in their efforts to get known and spread to many more users.

So, in practice: as an artist, can you pay your home rent or eat food with Ğ1? No, unless your food provider or landlord support the Ğ1 (believe me, I don't think they are many). So, you probably want to ask me: what can you buy with your Ğ1? That's simple: books, courses, objects; two websites exist for that: ğchange and ğannonce. They connect users to trade goods or services for Ğ1. Because the community is active around my region, the number of items keeps growing daily.

So, that's all about why I opened a Ğ1 account. My account is still not "member" as I write these lines. So, if you have a Ğ1 member account and think I can join the Web of Trust, I'll be honored to receive your certification.

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