Derivation of Pepper&Carrot: an Android e-Reader by Imsesaok

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Video demo of the app

Imsesaok is a long-time contributor to the Korean translation of Pepper&Carrot; he recently started a project to write a free/libre and open-source, multi-language Pepper&Carrot e-Reader for Android. The app connects to the official website and downloads the pages from the database of pages. The e-Reader offers a customized interface to read the webcomic and receive a notification when a new episode is available. The license of the project is GPL-3.0 and you can find the source code on Framagit as a part of the official Pepper&Carrot group there.

Note: the project is still young and might not be stable on every device.
If you find bugs, please report them on the Bug Tracker.

Install the e-Reader via:

License: "Derivation of Pepper&Carrot: an Android e-Reader by Imsesaok" by David Revoy − Copyrighted (do not reuse without explicit permission).
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