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Video demo of the app

Imsesaok is a long-time contributor to the Korean translation of Pepper&Carrot; he recently started a project to write a free/libre and open-source, multi-language Pepper&Carrot e-Reader for Android. The app connects to the official website and downloads the pages from the database of pages. The e-Reader offers a customized interface to read the webcomic and receive a notification when a new episode is available. The license of the project is GPL-3.0 and you can find the source code on Framagit as a part of the official Pepper&Carrot group there.

Note: the project is still young and might not be stable on every device.
If you find bugs, please report them on the Bug Tracker.

Install the e-Reader via:

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link Oliver Lee   - Reply

THANK YOU for supporting my development! It's a first time that I carried out a project this big of a scale, so it may not be smooth as you would expect (and definitely not smooth as I want it to be! :P) But if you help me in refining the codebase(even just a bug report or translation is ok!) it would be great.

I'm learning a great deal about Kotlin, real-life Android app development and project management in general through this opportunity. Thanks again for P&C community for endorsing the app and making contributions.

link sbwwf   - Reply

Good app. I have two enhancements:
1. When default lang for comics is not available yet, fallback to English (or add option for that).
2. When I reach the last page, the next should be another comics (going manually back to main menu and choosing another from list is pain).
Landscape zoom mode proposed in the bugs section is also good point.

link Ned   - Reply

@Oliver :
Well done !
Just FYI, I can't find it on my phone (lineage OS, latest FDroid app installed), even if I ask for apps incompatible with my device (samsung GT N7105 aka note 2).
I'll install it manually by downloading the apk and report any bug eventually encountered
@David :
carry on your great job, it's so cool to see how it brings people to the free (even if long) way

link Ned   - Reply

found it this morning on FDroid. I guess it was a repository update issue.
It's great, works like a charm

link Alfred   - Reply

This is so well made, neat and clean! Thanks for creating!

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