Two conferences for Japan-Impact 2018 and signing session

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Japan Impact is a cultural non-profit event that aims to present Japan to French-speaking Switzerland. The events will happen on February 17 and 18 in Lausanne. The convention was created by PolyJapan, an association of students from EPFL and elsewhere, who are passionate about Japanese culture. With the collaboration of other associations from the region (and even from France), they have the ambition to entertain you during a weekend with their numerous activities and animations. During the two days of the convention, you will enjoy: - cultural workshops
- cosplay contests
- concerts
- conferences
- screenings of movies and of Japanese animated series
- martial art demonstrations
- various stands I was invited for two conferences (in French) for this 2018 edition: a first one on Saturday about Pepper&Carrot and a second one on Sunday to talk about the impact of the Japanese animation broadcasted in France during the 80s on a generation. I'll also be around for a signing session :) So, see you in Switzerland next week? All information, schedule, tickets are on


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You're getting closer to your Japan goal :) Have a good trip!
How was India?

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Thanks Moini!

The trip to India was an adventure! I wanted to do a blog post on the topic, but I was waiting for the event to release the video of the talk first.
My best souvenir was to meet in real life my friend Raghukamath , an artist using Krita and very active on beta-testing and development. I know him since 2014 online.
It was also a good time meeting Francesco of Blender Institute and Timothée from Krita dev and Gcompris. I also met and get a lot of good talk with other guests.
I'll poke the team of this event, maybe they released the video somewhere ; I remember the stage was in front of so many camera.

Japan-Impact was a very good week-end. The trip to Switzerland was fine, good food, good hotel and funny convention with interesting guests. Only a minor detail: I felt old, the place was filled and organized by students, and I was like the 36 y/o guy within the crowd ; the old one. But exept that, I also had good time doing the signing sessions and giving the two lectures.

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Adventure? I'm looking forward to that blog post :)
Yes, it was evident in the Inkscape devs, too, what a difference it makes to actually meet the people one works with on a project.
(if you want to meet up with some of them, LGM in Spain will be an opportunity to do so, see
:-o I'm even older... lol - but at least I have first-hand experience of watching Heidi and Tao Tao as a child... (Germany, though, not France).

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