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link David Revoy  

Here is a new episode of Pepper&Carrot. Thank you all for your patience!

Behind this little parody about Xmas I hope you noticed the metaphor about the creative process described in the steps of this story: the desire, the frustration, the combination of resources, the isolation, the trial and error, the following and breaking of the rules, and the eventual deployment. And when it's deployed there's the chance that it will explode and change your whole lifestyle. It's a common idea that creation and destruction are two sides of the same coin, and by adding a new episode to Pepper&Carrot this is always whatI worry about the most: destroying a part of the charm of the series itself. I hope you'll like this episode!

(Note: There is also a cameo of Ubuntu's Unity desktop environment, discontinued by Canonical in 2017. This is a warm goodbye and thanks to this desktop environment. I liked it. The other cameo will probably be noticed by the more technical minds; it relates to technologies like Docker, Snapcraft, Flatpak, and AppImage.)

link Victoria  

Very great job David !
Safe travel and Happy holidays !

link Anonymous  

Very cute and comfy! Happy holidays!

link Martin  

I should thought would happen :)

Good strip :)

link Joonz  

My favorite is this panel where Pepper is gazing wordlessly at the Unity Tree. 😁👍

link Morten Telling  

Love it! you are amazing, David. And so interesting to see how your style has developed from episode 1. It seems like you use a whole new technique? Keep up the good work and merry christmas and a happy new year!!!!

link valvin Contributor,

Ça fait du bien un petit épisode Pepper&Carrot avant les congés de fin d'année <3

J'aime beaucoup le clin d’œil aux technologie de conteneurisation :)

Bonnes fêtes de fin d'année et bon voyage en Inde ! (fais attention aux tigres, hein !?)

For those who are interesing there are already two Unity Tree episode's wallpapers available :

link G. A.  

Nice episode. And a merry Christmas to you, Mr. Revoy. :)

link Mário  

About: "this is always whatI worry about the most: destroying a part of the charm of the series itself."

I honestly think you should not worry too much about it. I don't think that, even if you want, you could destroy the charm / magic of the series!!!

You know what i fear (and probably other do too): That one day you'll quit on this innocent, magical, adorable characters!!!

link Sanger  

At first I think it is about VirtualB*x... :(

link TappedOut  

In the second panel, was "Witches of Chaos" instead of "Witches of Chaosah" intentional?

link mh  

Je viens de découvrir votre travail. Bravo ! J'apprécie beaucoup tant les dessins que l'univers ou l'humour.

link Anonymouse  

Just a gorgeous smile on her part. I love it. And those reaction panels are super funny.

link FO  

An lovly episode for christmas.
When I opened it I literally stared at the first panel for minutes, it's so beautyful.

link Lily and Moira  

Thank you so much... We just devoured the 24 episodes in a row. Congratulations! Your little univese combines poetry, innocence, humour and a great deal of what we call here "cuteness"...The whole family loved it and is greedily waiting for the next episode !
Message from Moira (6 YO) : is Carrot going to drink a potion and turn into a talking cat at some point ?

Best Christmas wishes from Lily, Moira and Fog (the cat)

link tofei  

Nice! Just in time for the holidays. Merry Christmas everyone!

link Виктор  

Она очень сексуально выглядит когда запуталась в елочке

link pialabet  

Cant wait for another comics ! merry chrismas and happy holiday !!

link julien  

Ah Ah docker explain to child !

link Emmanuel  

Another amazing episode, merry Christmas☺

link Mark Munroe  

I was wondering when you were going to make a Christmas story. I love the tale, but I must admit, just now I was thinking that you might do a Pepper and Carrot tale that satirizes the over commercialization and over consumerism around Christmas time. Nevertheless, I like this episode and I understand Pepper's desire for a Christmas due to her adoptive mothers' preference for evil.

Hope to read another episode. Thanks again.

link Astrokiwi  

I just noticed that you have 4 sponsors now. I've been following you since you had none... and that's awesome, David. Keep up the great work! Merry Christmas!

link Craig Maloney  

Yes, that is intentional. They are witches of chaos, aka Chaosah.

link Shan  

I love the accuracy and beauty of the sphere this young witch creates. David evidemment, knows the way magic works. This could be a textbook training sequence for a young witch today. Alternative reality is often spoken of as 'Casting the Circle' but once cast, we spin it to become a sphere.

Secondly I love the way the laws of magic are here shown to explode nature, the Tree and its stars, all through the house. Wonderful image of natural power reclaiming dominance. Wonderful image of the Tree weaving through house and family for Yule/ Christmas/ Midwinter.

Plus the ancient tale type of the naive hero/ine who opens up a much bigger power than s/he imagined possible. Oh and of course how I LOVE the many FEMALE people in this comic, who do not centre their needs, desires, or anything much on males. There is a thirst for this to balance all the opposite.
Merci magnifique.

link Hajar  

What a nice work !!
Good luck all the time ..

link Pranav  

Nice episode. Merry Christmas to all!
Btw unity is discontinued only by canonical. Many volunteers are continuing unity and an ubuntu unity remix is coming soon.

link M.B.  

ok. i did the german translation, hope it fits well. my first work on smth like this

link gnu plus carrot  

For chaos witches they sure are stricter than I would expect.

link RubyGirl  

Excellent story and drawing, David, Congrats :-) To me, this is P&C at its best.

I’m not familiar with Docker, Snapcraft, Flatpak, or AppImag and I didn’t like Ubuntu Unity, yet I see part of your episode as a lovely introduction to Firejail (with its red interface too) or Apparmor and sandboxes in general, though of course your ending goes well beyond sandboxes, and as you point out, may refer to artistic creation.

Two little things:
1. "I’ll be back in a few minutes" and "I’ll be back soon" don’t sound good since the godmothers are simply downstairs. "I’ll be back in a couple of minutes" and "Back in a tick" sound better to me in the context. If it’s a question of making clear to Carrot that he’s not to ruin the tree, Pepper could add sth like "So don’t do anything stupid, Carrot", "So don’t you move or do anything stupid" or "Just stay there and don’t move, ok Carrot?"

2. Pepper’s smile on the final picture seems to reflect a bit of pain/strain rather than sheer delight. Is that intentional?

link Craig Maloney  

"I'll be back in a few minutes" could be shortened to "I'll be back in a few" and still be colloquial. She'll still need to get the witches to stop what they're doing and be interested enough to come up the stairs. That's still a few minutes in-between. :)

link Craig Maloney  

They have some history with The Unity Tree, which will be explained in the Wiki. :)

link Craig Maloney  

Hi Lily and Moira,

I can't speak for David but anything is possible in Hereva. Perhaps you could make an episode for us that would explore this possibility? We'd love to see it. :)

link tut  

@Mark Munroe
We have South Park for that. I prefer P&C apolitical and not trying to include many from real life. Just live in its own world.

link Moini  

*giggles* Thank you very much, David, for this cute and funny Christmas episode!

I understand that you're worried - the enterprise has become quite large, and people start having expectations - which amount to some pressure, probably. I doubt there's anyone who wouldn't be impacted by that. I like how you don't let yourself be hurried, and also spend time exploring other things (hope you have a good and safe trip!). Personally, I don't think any single episode could do as much as destroy the charm - and if the team ever screws up one episode (cause you're no longer all alone, right?), you can always make another one that is better :)

(I noticed you wrote you were using Inkscape 0.92.3 - are you using the development version of the stable branch, or has Pepper made a trip into the future and brought you a new version for Christmas :-p ?)

link libre fan  

I for one long for episodes telling the story you’ve been writing in the Wiki — all in good time. The Wiki is rather a spoiler but of course it has to be accessible to everyone who wants to take part. I won’t read it so I can be even more surprised by each episode.

I think the contrast between the Chaos witches’ rigid view of life and the name of their clan / community is funny.

link Craig Maloney  

The entry for The Unity Tree is up:

(scroll down a bit to see it).

link Stina  

Found this by pure accident and I have not read it yet, but just skimming through the pictures I can say that I love it and is a fan already. Will definitely read it for my kids, I'm sure they will love this even more! Thanks for your cute work, and hopefully there will be a thousand more! :D

Merry Xmas & Happy New Year David! <3

link Midgard  

Nope, that's a typo. As far as we know Pepper has not yet succeeded in making contact with our universe. I'll fix the version number, thanks for spotting!

link M.B.  

@Ret Samys: Wieso schreibst du hier nichts, dass du die Übersetzung machst? Dann hätte ich mir meine sparen können!

link hyy  


link pickfire  

的确是团结树,英文版本显示“Unity Tree"。

link Moini  


link Kaylee  

Pepper staring into the suns on her Unity Tree is easily the best panel in the strip above. Gorgeously backlit, soft lighting, reflective pupils. I've really really missed P&C for a while and felt so lucky and special to catch this after the Christmas holidays so it felt like the holidays lived on for just a while longer. This world is so pure and beautiful. I hope Cayenne appreciates that Pepper just launched several miniature suns into the world (because I do!) I love it all. Thanks again for all your dedication in sharing your own love for art with enthusiasts like me.

link zandy  

i'm realy excited to read another eps
nice one david!

link erek erek  

This is awesome. the art and design is great. pepper is cute anyway. we need more cats!

link Agil  

I stumbled across pepper and carrot last week, and I felt love at first sight.
The art style is amazing, I like those type of fearless color expression and such a wonderful character design.
I always wanted to do digital drawing, and still practicing to be good at it.
If I may ask, did you only use Krita as your software? Or are there any open-source software?

link Craig Maloney  

All in due time. :)

Chaosah is an interesting dichotomy because in order to provide chaos without being completely consumed by it you must be disciplined about it.

Keep in mind though that the Wiki isn't strictly canon. Whatever is in the strips is canon and whatever is in the wiki is subject to change. :)

Thank you.

link placek  

Wiem że to ogrom pracy, ale szkoda że tak rzadko się pojawiają.

link Izaya Orihara.  

Good episode! I noticed Testing was mentioned, do you mean like a school standardized test but for magic and stuff? And will you make episodes showing how Pepper does, what the testing is about, and stuff like that? It would be very interesting. And also, I love the idea of combining magic and using 'evil' (chaos) for great and creative reasons! Awesome episode!

link Craig Maloney  

There is a scenario planned for showing the testing for her exams. Whether it's a standardized test or just an examination from her godmothers is yet to be determined.

And Pepper is doing a first: combining her Hippiah "plant-based" spells with her Chaosah magic. As far as we know this is the first time in a long while that anyone has shown aptitude in more than one specialized magic school. :)

link Izaya Orihara  

Thanks. Seems like its going to start getting really good then.

link Tony  

I really like those comics!

Is there a possibility to download them? For example as pdf oder epub?

link Peter  

Hi David I was wondering, is the pepper and carrot webcomic series based off of "Little Witch Acedemia?"

link David Revoy  

Hi Peter, no. It's a 100% original creation. If there is similarities, it's coincidental or maybe the author of Little Witch Acedemia spies Pepper&Carrot. Who knows.

link Inukaze  

HI there, wonderful work :D i really love it, the micro-dimension (i read in Spanish), remember me the Wakfu bags with another dimensions xD

just a suggestion meanwhile the story advance, pepper need one antagonist or something can become in future friend, for example, a boy with a dog, very mysterious and don't talk without be necessary, a sorcerer. someone isolated from the rest is for make characters better complemented for example you can make a competitor to pepper in potions skills, and in the began better in the some kind of magic like chaos or empty. someone who is undervalued by preferring the tools that many know and few appreciate

i love the episodes like : the pollution, the voting system, because is a excellent social critic.

For example : i like, if you make a boy make poor, just have smart to solve problems. and the use of the tools more cheap, or free, or everyone knows how can make it.

(i try to said, some user of free or open sources tools against someone like saffron's, and she think the tools already made and its more expensive its better)

and this boy came to shows everyone with the tools him prefer can do greats things, because the tool don't make the talent on the user, the user apply it talent with the tool, like in another magic competition

Well, thanks for read me :)

link Cylamcevers  

I just want to say, I REALLY love Pepper & Carrot! Your storytelling skills are just as good as your art skills, which is VERY good!

(When do you think the next episode will be out?)

link David Revoy  

Thank you!
I'm doing the maximum to get the next episode in end April.

link idk  


link tusooa  

I saw that in Krita loading screen -) nice egg -) Thank you David!

link Fabian  

And it even has Linux with the "Unity" desktop environment in it.

link Enya  

Je trouve cette bande dessiner très amusant, bien fait!

link Mohak Gujar  

Crystal balls have a shut down button!!! I want a Crystal ball too!!!

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