Capitole du Libre 2017

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Hello! I will be at Capitole du Libre in Toulouse (France) at the end of this week for a Krita workshop about Comics. I'll also be doing an autograph session on Saturday afternoon.

  • Where: Toulouse (France), ENSEEIHT, 2 rue Charles Camichel, 31000 Toulouse.
  • When: "Créer sa B.D/Manga avec Krita" at 14h00 to 15h00 on Saturday (check the schedule here).
    - Autograph: Saturday around 16h15 to 18h00 in the main hall (where other authors/books will be).

More information (French): https://2017.capitoledulibre

(PS: I also made posters and artworks for Capitole du Libre 2017! it's all CC-By and you can find them here)

License: "Capitole du Libre 2017" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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link Luch4  

what a pity that all these activities and worries do not allow you to engage in comics from August (August, Carl!)

link David Revoy  

Yes, I can imagine.
But I didn't lost this time:

- I made all the artwork for Contributopia:

- I made the concept-art for a future open-movie with Blender Foundation:

- I participated to Inktober and released a open book about it:

- I taught Krita at university:

And many other topic.
Sure, it's a bit a break in the rhythm of publishing "episodes" but I was very productive.
I'm asking a bit of patience from Pepper&Carrot audience. (Patience, Carl!)

link Moini  

I love poor Konqi's efforts to make a soap bubble :) Are Suzanne's cubes hinting at the 3D nature of Blender? And at the same time, being a counterweight to Konqi's fire?...
Looks like you enjoyed drawing these! Being a regular visitor on framasoft, and also following Inktober and blender projects a bit, I enjoyed your drawings and involvement there, too.
You're really working hard on making free software more popular, and better, and keeping the community engaged :D

link David Revoy  

Yes! Suzanne makes 3D "default" cubes :-)
Thank you for your comment! I made a lot of effort in September and October to do all of this; even if all this dedicated time had an impact on the release of new Pepper&Carrot episode; but I need anyway all the open-source ecosystem to be healthy to continue my work on Pepper&Carrot in good conditions ; so, catching the opportunity to contribute to other major events in FLOSS was a no brainer question! Thanks a lot again for your feedback, it really helps to start a good day.

link Isa  

Found too late / Trouvé trop tard... Depuis Cugnaux, c'est ballot !

link David Revoy  

Ha oui :) Ca faisait pas trop loin. Dommage.

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