I had the honnor to be the illustrator for the informative campaign Contributopia of the well known French association for Free/Libre and Open Source software Framasoft (English website). All the artworks are licensed under the permissive CC-By license and I had a lot of fun working on them with brilliant art direction and feedback of Pohiou.

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License: CC-BY David Revoy,, .

Tags: #artworks #project #freelance


link Nurgin   - Reply

Likely a coincidence, but the style remind me of MMORPG with this type of top view. Nice!

link Chan   - Reply

Is it possible to get the high-resolution?

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

Hi Chan! It's coming soon!
I'll link the image to their high-resolution.

[edit: done!]

link Archiwy   - Reply

Thank you for sharing nice artworks.

link David Revoy Author, - Reply


link JoffreyS   - Reply

This is my fav artwork I have come across on your gallery.
I'll check Framasoft website.
Keep up the good work!

link jamesH   - Reply

I really like how you managed to color the artwork. Good job!

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