Pepper&Carrot derivation: Hereva Adventure, a video-game project by X-Paws

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Artwork: "The curious incident with potions"
CC-By X-paws team, based on Pepper&Carrot by D.Revoy

The video-game team X-paws is currently working on a demo for a Pepper&Carrot video game. The demo will invite the player through a few levels with platforms, broom racing, brewing unique potions and throwing potion at opponents. The team is planning to develop a system to let the player brew over 100 million potion recipes for almost limitless possibilities. Genre: platformer/puzzle.
Target platforms: Android, iOS, Steam.
License: Proprietary and commercial project ( but with sometime CC-By material , the case of the beautiful illustration above ) Currently, the game is still in early development stage and new team members are welcome to grow the X-paws team: artists, Unity/C# dev, etc... It's a no-budget demo project with plan to share incomes after the game starts doing profit. The core of X-paws was funded by core contributors and translators of Pepper&Carrot, so I'm trusting this team and their project to keep the mood of the universe and I'm sure they work on it with passion. I'll keep updating this blog-post to follow important milestone of the Hereva Adventure project. Follow the project and discover more visual done by the team here:

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