Dw5 : first silhouettes

I decided today to open on my blog a W.I.P ( Work in progress ) category to share how evolves my projects and production steps. I will write later in this same category about the progress of the Blend&Paint DVD. For now , it's about my entry on 3DVF in the Dominance War 5 challenge. The new challenge is about creating your own god, more infos on the Dw5 community and rules here.
So here's my selection of miniatures made ​​in Krita, Gimp and Mypaint (dev version on Linux.) In addition it allows me to test the brand new mix-brush Krita and layers mode and Ui Mypaint a window. Ca Reboost everything new, especially since the performance is good.

  1. A goddess of the ocean, a little mermaid weave shell
  2. A goddess of air, a little American Indian
  3. A god of force, gross weight and a little muscle taurine
  4. A god of the hearing, rock star kind blue obese with a giant eye at the navel
  5. A goddess of time, half of the body young, half old, covered with old clock steampunk
  6. A god of hard rock, metal etc. ...
  7. A creative world, a planet pregnant goddess, new age
  8. the god-man light in Spain, as new-age
    What do you think about ? :)

License: "Dw5 : first silhouettes" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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link Jason  

I personally like #1 the best.

link sara  

#3 is exceptionally awesome!!

link ton  

I miss symbolic artefacts... usually iconic statues have tools or carry stuff or so!

link JAlberto  

#4 & #6 are exceptional!
Nicely done :)

link Mufeed  

#1 is good

link Ecksell  

The 1# is really good...
I like the slash's style in #6 too :)
Nice job !

link Trébla  

Les #1 et #3 sont mes préférés. Ils dégagent déjà quelque chose en mode sketch.

Vivement la suite :)

link Jonathan Williamson  

I'm loving these! If I had to vote on a thumbnail I would go for #1 as well.

link theshapechanger  

The 3 is my favorite. Is the 6 Slash from Guns n'roses? :D

link REVOY David  

Hey thank you all for the comment :) for the moment, gathering all sources of votes ( home / friends / forums / irc / twit / etc... ) I have :

1->7 votes
2->2 votes
3->5 votes
4->4 votes
5->1 votes
6->6 votes
7->5 votes
8->1 votes

I will post about Dominance War sketch soon, but this week I do video editing about Blend&Paint DVD. Time to finish it !

link REVOY David  

@theshapechanger : +1 ;) for Slash

link Guilherme Souza  

I loved the 4/8 concepts.
And, I really love all of your works, it's amazings arts!
(and, sorry my english, I'm brazillian P_P)

link Darkqueenoir  

I feel that all these drawings in general had some cyberpunk style or inspiration.

link REVOY David  

Thanks Guilherme and Darkqueenoir for the feedback, and no problem for your english ; mine is not really good too ( I'm french ).
@Darkqueenoir : A cyberpunk god ? why not :D I was influenced a lot by gothic style while being younger, so I like cyberpunk a lot too :)

link Ecksell  

Hey David !
When I said "the slash's style" in my comment it was for the G'N'R guitarist too ;)
Impatient to follow you're future realisation :)

link Omar Ramírez  

I personally love

#6 the best. The concept sounds awesome.


#2 also, because it already is looking great.

Best of lucks. I wish I could participate of the challenge =__=

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