Model sheet for RGBa studio

Model-sheet portrait of Pepper (click to enlarge)
CC-By , Krita source file here
Last month I invited the full RGBa studio home to discuss a possible 3D adaptation of Pepper&Carrot. The studio is an indie collective of well-known Blender artists living around Toulouse. As you can guess, it was a friendly afternoon because we could all speak the same language: art, CG, video games, licenses, software... We share a lot of passions, references, ideas and we planned a simple road-map: our first goal will be to get a proof-of-concept Pepper running endlessly on grass. Behind this simple idea are many challenges such as the transition from 2D to 3D, the level of realism versus the level of stylization, and animation. But before starting the 3D modeling for Pepper, I had to produce a model-sheet of her. I usually draw all my characters from my imagination and I never really had the time budget to draw a single model-sheet on Pepper&Carrot. Producing this first one (artwork on top), even if it's only her portrait, was a lot of work because I had to review all the artworks where Pepper appears and extract a sort of Pepper DNA. I learned a lot about her design. But now that this one is done, I just want to draw more: full body model-sheet of course but also expressions and all the other characters... Maybe I'll do it step by step, in between the episodes :-) I'll keep posting updates about this 3D project of "proof-of-concept Pepper running endlessly on grass" and this collaboration with RGBa studio. It might take a while as it's a project we will be working on during the free time of our little team and we all agreed to make it high quality.

License: "Model sheet for RGBa studio" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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