link Jo   - Reply

Haha ! très bonne chute ! et bien préparée.
Les nouvelles sorcières on l'air redoutables.

link Will Deonne   - Reply

YAY! A new witch! Underwater, too!

link fate   - Reply

Je m'attendais vraiment pas à cette chute. Très bon épisode, comme d'habitude :)

link Onion   - Reply


link Wretched Crow   - Reply

Во-первых, спасибо за сам комикс. Он сразу мне понравился.
Во-вторых, спасибо за переводы, благодаря которым нет необходимости ждать энтузиастов на разных ресурсах, когда они переведут.
В-третьих, хотелось бы сделать замечание по поводу оформления перевода на русский (на английском всё нормально). Не во всех баллонах текст по центру (например первые два), что немного неприятно выглядит. Отцентрировать бы, и было бы замечательно.

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

Thank you! I sent it to the translator, and we improved the layout/speechbubbles of Russian translation! https://github.com/Deevad/peppercarrot_ep21_translation/commit/1b17d503f4a87261d3290c3cd28ffd9b781163bc

link amic_   - Reply

Ah ah, j’ai une bonne vue !

Et je suis ravi de voir de nouvelles recrues. Mais un peu trop impatient pour la suite !

link Skarfester   - Reply

¡Very funny!
¡21 episodes! Merci for your work.

link Jane   - Reply

Awesome. Two new witches, it should be interesting!

link ArtfulButterfly   - Reply

I love this episode! The arena is so cool! the way you drew the people and the effects in the water.. Amazing talent!

link Oleg   - Reply

Wow! I found your site recently and I am already impressed! Your art style is really good!
Waiting for new pages!

link Nate   - Reply

Only discovered your site today and was just in time for the new episode!
Great work! I'm loving the art-style and your video tutorials give some nice insight into your drawing process.
I'll be looking forward to your future content!

link Mikoleggy   - Reply

Ooh, exciting!
I assume that we'll be getting a demonstration of how all the different types of magic work!

Also, are you planning on introducing more characters after this as well? I know it's common for series to focus specifically on certain characters because, well, time and money, but it feels kind of odd. Almost like there aren't any other witches in the world, even though I assume it isn't true.

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

> Also, are you planning on introducing more characters after this as well?

With Camomille and Spirulina around, I'm now 'full' in having a young witch of each existing magic in my world. I need all of them, all 14 years old for a plot. Next main characters will be probably male characters. Yes, the low page count per episode is a tight budget to introduce new characters. I do my best!

link bitflipper   - Reply

"Based on the universe ... created by David Revoy"? Congratulations on bringing other artists on-board! But I do hope that you will continue to be the primary creative force on this project. I fell in love with Pepper and Carrot because of your artwork and story-feeling, M. Renoy; I dearly hope that won't change as the project grows.

Wonderful start to this story arc; I'm looking forward to more!

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

No worry :) The team helps me to flesh the universe and review the story, polish my mistake. It's only an extra pass of quality ; the story style and main decision are still in my hand ; but I open the sandbox to all who wish to help the project. It's a truly open project :)

link Craig Maloney Contributor, - Reply

David is the primary driver of all things in P&C. Some of us just caulk around the edges and help flesh out certain areas, but we only assist in propping up the grand vision. :)

link Børge A. Roum / forteller   - Reply

Amazing as always! It seems to me like your drawings are always perfect, yet you still seem to be able to improve it every time! I'm so happy that you're using free software and releasing your wonderful art under a free license.

Just one thing that quirked me in this episode: I've never seen the name of countries written with quote marks like that before. In my mind quotation marks should be used if you refer to the word itself, and not to the thing the word refers to. So if they where talking about the name "Chaosha" it would be correct, but not when you're just mentioning the actual country (or area? I haven't quite understood the geography and politics of Hereva yet). Just like it says "Based on the universe of Hereva", not "Based on the universe of "Hereva"", you know?

Again: Thank you so much for enriching mine and so many others lives!

Best wishes,
Børge, from "Norway" ;)

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

Thank you!

Ha, the "Chaosha", "Aquah" etc... are name of magic. I wanted to put emphasis on them. Hereva is the world. They probably needs a bit more context here. Thanks for the feedback!

link TLCBOnaparte   - Reply

All witches live in harmoney, then everything changed... when Carrot attacked.

link Itzcuauhtli   - Reply

xD Poor Pepper. I hope she can look impresionant in the next chapter :D

link colognella   - Reply

Hi, ich habe mir spontan erlaubt, die deutsche Übersetzung anzugehen und hoffe, ich habe den richtigen Ton getroffen.

@David: so deeply amazed by your gorgeous artwork, the Hereva world and the whole (open source) story behind. I have been always far from being a comic reader, however I was drawn in your world and hardly get out … 

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

Thanks! and thank you again for your involvement on the Deutsch translation!

link Kätzchen   - Reply

Klingt gut. Allerdings kam Camomile in Folge 18 schon einmal vor und wurde dort übersetzt.

@David Camomile had not been translated here whereas the translator(s) of Episode 18 translated that name. Do you have any rules regarding translation of the names?

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

Ha thank you for pointing me this mistake, it will be easier to repair.
All translators share this document: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zRqVAj8q1iHwOXQBplXp_DaoZyDgJ3uA0_st_iZEDGg/edit#gid=0
But it's not easy to remember Camomile's was introduced as a kid in Pepper's flashback episode.

link kimmunchan   - Reply

She's so adorable! can't wait for next episode

link tofei   - Reply

A judge, not a competitor. Hmm well they've already made a mess (I'm looking at you Carrot!), let's see how they mess it up even further despite being literally on the sidelines.

link nouknouk   - Reply

Très belle bd malheuresement en anglais. J'adore le style des dessins ♥. Vivement le prochain tome.

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

Merci! Il y a plein de traductions en haut de chaque pages :)

link Marius   - Reply

Regarding Camomile's German name:

"Camomile" had been translated as "Kamille" before, which is a literal translation, but sounds very bad for a name. The same hapoened to Cinnamon who was translated as "Zimt". I'd prefer changing the names to "Kamilla" and "Cinnamon" or "Zim", if this is possible.

I found several minor issues where older German translations may be improved (in particular, there are recurring problems with comma placement and onomatopoeia). Is it okay when I do some proofreading and create a list of fuzzy translations?

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

Hey Marius, I think the better is to report a new issue here on Github : https://github.com/Deevad/peppercarrot_ep21_translation/issues. This way it will be possible for you to interact with @colognella

link G. A.   - Reply

Awesome episode. I particularly liked Saffron's flamboyant entrance. Looking forward to seeing what happens next.

link Kaylee   - Reply

Yay! I've been waiting for this and NEW CHARACTERS YES! I'M SO EXCITED! And they are both drawn so gorgeously. I love the types of magic and the true to mythology they relate to. Also your comment about male characters! There could be WIZARDS. There could be Pepper being even MORE awkward. I love it. As always, your art is fantastic, but I particularly loved the first panel we see of Spirulina because the underwater bubbles, shading, and color palette are just really quite lovely. Congratulations on getting more of an open source team on your side. This comic is incredible.

link Aslan   - Reply

Hi there David! I recently discovered this document for translators https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zRqVAj8q1iHwOXQBplXp_DaoZyDgJ3uA0_st_iZEDGg/edit#gid=0
I was wondering where I should enter Farsi equivalents for characters and places' names.

Also I noticed few inconsistencies in characters' names. A mistake from my side. I'm gonna go through all the chapters and correct them. Sorry for the extra work this may bring you. :S

link Drake   - Reply

En français, il me semble que « Queen » est peu approprié ; n’y préfererait-on pas « Lady », ou en francisant, « Dame » ou « Reine »  ? Dans ces derniers cas, le « Lord » pourrait denir un « Seigneur », ou autre terme approprié.

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

Bien vue. Il faudrait en effet que Queen devienne "Princesse" car il y a un caméo déguisé en lisant les noms à l'envers, un petit hommage. " Seigneur" serait le plus adapté. Mais la place sur l'étiquette est limitée. Je suis partagé et hésite à passé à l'action.

link Snoots Dwagon   - Reply

Carrot eating all the cookies... no wonder the dragon is glaring at her! :D

link Snoots Dwagon   - Reply

/me sings Disney toons...

Some day... my prints will come...

Eagerly awaiting episode 22. No rush or anything.

link Ale Romi   - Reply

Sometimes I think that this comic help to prompt the creators of Little Witch Academia

link john   - Reply

oooooooookkkkkkkkkkk im a bit disappointed by how it turned out

link john   - Reply

anyway ,good work!

link Tomer   - Reply

Loved the water dripping on the table, great artwork.

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