Carrot sized like a tooth, a sculpture made with dental technologies

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This sculpture of Carrot is a present from a dentist friend named Gauthier. He made it from scratch with the same materials, tools and techniques used for modern dental prosthesis. A sort of 3D printing with a very hot baking step to obtain really strong and smooth materials. The various shades of colors were achieved with various baking durations. It's so tiny it was necessary to add a banana for scale. A big thanks to Gauthier for this original present! Here are more photos:

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Aw. That's so cute. It must have taken quite a bit of skill to sculpt something that small, too. The details could be done with dental tools and a steady hand, and would still take skill, but that tail is so thin that it looks like it'd easily break while the material was still soft if not done carefully.

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Dentists have the most delicate hands. Very impressive!

So cute and shiny I want to eat it... which would enrage Gauthier for two separate reasons...

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You forgot to add it to the fan art site. ;-)

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