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Hey, here a quick blog post with photos I grabbed on social-network about the event Capitole du Libre ( it was last week-end ). It was a big event and a busy day...To busy to take photos. I wish I had more photos; If you have interesting ones; send them to me :-)

All the tee-shirts in the shop and for the staff had the illustration
I designed on it , a good surprise when I arrived!
Yes, the one with Konqi[KDE], by Tyson Tan , Suzanne[Blender] by SLiD3,
Tux[Linux] by Larry Ewing, and a custom GNU!
( photo: @dascritch on Twitter )

Yes, it's a lot of tee-shirt ; Here is all the staff of Capitole du Libre. Super team!
( Photo: Adrien Anduze, on Capitole du Libre Twitter account )

A part of the friendly RGBa team (an indie collective of CG artists based in Toulouse) members with the T-shirts .
( from left to right: Julien Duroure , Henri Hebeisen , Kevin Nguyen , Joel Bernis )

After the Pepper&Carrot conference, we had a meeting/open-talk about publishing.
On stage: Bookynette, Yann Kervran, me, Neil Jomunsi and Sandra Guigonis .
(photo: Framasoft on Twitter )

Our host ( on left ) for guiding the questions and giving microphone during the meeting was Pouhiou

After the talk, I'm meeting Calimaq ( on right, author of a "famous" Pepper&Carrot blog post
with over 150 comments on it). It was good to meet him. I also had the visit of the friendly
Cédric Gémy and Elisa de Castro Guerra ( center of picture, FLOSS manual ).
Neil Jomunsi tries to photo-bomb this acrobatic selfie with the sign of the horns.

I drew many autographs; I started at 14h30 and finished at 22h00, I almost missed my train.

I had many interesting talks during autographs.
Many thanks for all who waited ( sometime hours ) to get a drawing.
( photo : VDagrain on Twitter )

( photo : VDagrain on Twitter ) All official conferences were recorded, I'll do an update when the videos will be available!

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link Victoria  

Great David ... Very very good job ... Congratulations !

link libre fan  

Ça doit être rare les dessinateurs qui offrent de pareilles autographes ! Congrat’

link Orientation scolaire  

Congrat @libre fan c'est quoi le rapport avec" autographes" ??  

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