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Hello! I will be at Capitole du Libre in Toulouse (France, the city near to where I live) for a conference about Pepper & Carrot (in French), with a autograph session and a public meeting about 'open-source publishing' on Saturday afternoon.

  • Where / When : Toulouse ( France ) , ENSEEIHT, Saturday 19 November
  • Conference : "Pepper & Carrot, a free webcomic", Saturday 19 November from 2 to 2:30 pm, Room A001
  • Autograph : Pepper & Carrot, Saturday, November 19 from 14:30 to 16:30, in the Hall. Bring your comic-books!
  • Meeting about open-source publishing: Saturday, November 19 from 16:30 to 18:30, Sandra Guigonis (Framabook), Yvan Kevrann (author, Framabook), Magali Garnero (bookseller, member of April), Neil Jomunsi (author, founder of Editions Walrus) and ... me, Room A001.
    I'll also be around on the evening. I'll be happy to meet you; readers, contributors and supporters! See you soon? :-)

More info:

A personnal impro around Capitol du Libre and mascotts ( Konqi[KDE], by Tyson Tan , Suzanne[Blender] by SLiD3, Tux[Linux] by Larry Ewing, and a custom GNU )

License: "Capitole du Libre 2016" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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link Caetano  

Cool little characters. I like the Suzanne with the default cube in its hand. The tux is missing some white on its belly though.

link David Revoy  

Thank you!
You are totally right about Tux. I forgot it. I'll fix it soon in the source.

link David Revoy  

Fixed :3

link TheFaico  

Sigh! Tu m'as rappellé mes bons temps à la ville rose. En plus, j'ai été étudiant de l'INP aussi.
Ceux qui y aillent, passez une bonne journée, il y a un programme bien intéressant!

link libre fan  

Excellente nouvelle et bonne journée libre, David :-)
@The Faico, il y aura peut-être des vidéos des conférences, mais bien sûr il n’y aura sans doute pas de vieilles pierres roses à regarder…

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