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Episode 19 is an episode about pollution, and also about the fighting of Pepper against the tradition. It's an answer to a previous episode the episode 12 'Autumn Clearout' (with the black hole of potions) and also an answer to the bad behavior of the witches of Chaosah "to bury everything".
I wanted to take an unusual point-of-view on this topic: about the embarassing 'history log' the pollution can leave in the layer of sediment soil. Also, in this episode, it's the first time Pepper really 'wins' against the three witches of Chaosah. But she doesn't win because of her effort themself (to embarass the witches) but because of the new situation.

This episode production was longer than usual because many topics:
- Happy ones as my wedding with Alicja and the honeymoon trip ♥
- 'Meh' ones, as the polemic in France about the printed version of Pepper&Carrot...
- 'Bonus' one, because the production in august of a very long free video tutorial on Youtube.
- Technical one: because I wanted to open the storyboard to collaborative work on our IRC channel, and that was a good move.
That was maybe to much for me ^__^ , and it made me dive in a 'over-busy' mode. Sorry for all unreplied emails, comments...etc... I'll work on it.

A propos technique: This episode was painted fully 'digital' with Krita. For inking, I used the preset 'Pencil 2B' (from my "8.1" brushkit) at size 7px, the style was made to match the episode 12; colorful with a focus on the precision of drawing and inking, and not so much on painting this time. It was longer, out of my comfort zone but I learned a lot.

Many thanks to all who participated to this episode, and all the patrons for funding Pepper&Carrot! Also, welcome to a new publisher sponsor : Popcom (Germany) who also prepare a printed version. :-)

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That was a great episode. I loved it. Thank you :)

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The panels are huge!
Good work, as always. I love the aubergines!

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Very good story telling, and to hear that it was arrived at all digitally is amazing, as I hadn't noticed any variance from the the tone of the previous issues!

link Julien NICOLAS   - Reply

Thanks David, your work is increasingly huge !
It's always a pleasure to read your stories ;)

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Great episode, as usual!
Would you please a bit elaborate on polemic about the printed version?

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Congratulations on your marriage!

I definitely noticed the difference in backgrounds right away, from the first (and stunning) cloud backdrop in the first panel, but I couldn't pin down why until I read your comment. In fact, I thought they looked very Studio Ghibli, a la "Howl's Moving Castle," especially when the three witches come over the ridge and the reader can see the stuck together house is in the background. Really lovely work with attention to detail in the background. My favorite panel was of Pepper's, "you really can't be embarrassed" which was the wide view panel, wonderfully colored and made her, for the first time, look a little older than she has so far (maybe just the eyes/art technique). I'm also a sucker for good spacing and the wide panel breaks up the narrative into a long pause. I also loved the dream panel, and the fading stars/white out of the blue watercolor background, which was just so well done and draws you in to notice the details.

Also, I just loved the humor in this episode, from Cayenne sleeping rigidly vampiric in her old faded bedroom, to the ants building a soyeuse capsule. So happy to have caught this on publication day! As always, keep up the amazing work!

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Great, as always !

link Chris   - Reply

Haha... I died at the ants' space expedition! Amazingly detailed episode!

link Mona   - Reply

*Giggle* Yup! Anyway, I suppose the ants made the rocket thanks to Pepper's Genius Potion! See Episode 4: Stroke of Genius for that.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Exactly :-)

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I'll do the translation in German for this episode. Maybe I can't finish it, so we'll see who's the fastest :)


link Koyu Berteon   - Reply

Okay, I made it :)

link Durand   - Reply

Congratulations on your marriage! This episode was great and beautifully painted as always. Thanks!

link G. A.   - Reply

Great work as always. Beautiful and funny.

link bitflipper   - Reply

But I thought Pepper was quite good at her potions. Is Cayenne being too demanding as a teacher? Or is she teaching Pepper something far beyond her "Stroke of Genius" potion?

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If I understand correctly, Pepper is good at potions, just not the kind of potions that Chaosah witches should be making. See episode #12: http://www.peppercarrot.com/en/article331/episode-12-autumn-clearout

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First of all, congrats on your marriage! Your work is something amazing, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge to people who are still improving their techniques (and also your supporting of open source softwares, as always). I love this episode about pollution and something like a love spread for Earth and nature.
We love Pepper&Carrot too much!!!

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This is COOL,very good

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Voici une variante en français de l’épisode 19, à lire dans ce forum: https://librefan.eu.org/forum/460

Si vous avez des remarques, c’est bienvenu là-bas également, dans le forum sur <cite>Libre-Fan</cite> :-)

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Beautiful autumn colors and wonderful story! You really manage to seamlessly integrate contemporary debates and technology in a "medieval" fantasy world. Wow!

So bravo for the high graphical, narrative and comical quality of your work!

Late congratulations on your wedding!!

link Rene Bartlett   - Reply

Can't wait for the next eps. ;)

link R.Lynn   - Reply

I've been following your comic for a little while now, and this is the first time I've made a comment! I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy these, your artwork looks incredible and the little stories are So much fun to follow! Keep up the good work! :)

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

Thank you R.Lynn !

link Ant scientist №198263   - Reply

You can’t stop antscience!

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link hero   - Reply

Good cartoon

link Zubro   - Reply

Superbe travail, comme toujours.

On dirait que la chemise de nuit de Pepper raccourcit à vue d’œil, à moins que ça ne soit elle qui grandisse trop vite ? :)

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

Haha! Je n'avais pas fait attention à ce détail. Bien vue. En effet, sur les trois plans ou la chemise de nuit apparait , elle passe sous les genoux, aux genoux et au dessus... Est-ce à corriger ?

link Zosia   - Reply

I like your comics!

link SG   - Reply

Oh, Gott, wer hat denn die deutsche Übersetzung gemacht??? Furchtbar! Kann man die nochmal ändern?

link colognella   - Reply

Ich war so frei und hab ein paar von den „false friends“ tief vergraben. Wie gefällt Dir der Schlagertext? ;-)

link Coriander   - Reply

The ants killed me with laughter! I love this comic series and the philosophy behind it is amazing! Becoming a patron at the first possible opportunity!

link Salt   - Reply

Thank you. Have been waiting since episode 4 to find out what happened with the ants. And what an awesome payoff.

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I'm re-reading the series now and just now I've realized what Thyme is doing in the last panel. Very good idea ^^

link Mona   - Reply

I was echoing with laughter when I saw the expression on Cayenne and Thyme's faces- apparently, they weren't expecting Cumin to side with Pepper!

Anyway (all jokes aside), are all the witches' names based on well-known herbs and spices? I just thought about it, so it may be true. Is it?

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Good episode as always :)

link hdr1453   - Reply

maybe now the ants have built an intergalactic civilization

link Joseph   - Reply

It looks like the screen-reader text is being printed between panels in the HD version of the page.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Thanks for reporting. It looks like switching to HD activate now automatically the screenreader/transcript button. Its a bug, i'll report it.

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